Worth diamonds

Justin and I have been friends since we were 17, I think. We met on Easter Camp and he was the 1st ever boy to ask for my number.

Before the internet and mobile phones, we all had landlines and omg the excitement of a boy calling for me was next level. Justin rang almost every day. He would walk his phone on a long chord to the laundry and sit on the washing machine. Our home phone cord only extended to the breeze way (ughhh) but I’d pull the sliding door shut with the phone cord stuck in there and Justin and I would talk for hours.

Justin and I in our early 20’s ❤️

It was pretty clear he had a crush on me. I wanted to, but I just didn’t feel the same. I let Justin know and I guess his plan was to just wait until maybe I developed feelings for him because throughout our teens, twenties and 30’s, Justin’s always been there. A constant, loving presence ✨️ providing a shoulder to cry on, an ever-flowing well of compliments and on 2 very special occasions, a Godly voice of reason.

One of those times is what I wanted to write about today.

In 2009, I’d flown 5 hours from Perth to Darwin. For Matt. Again. This was my third bloody attempt to get Matt’s love.

I failed.

I always did.

Justin rang, as always a steady, comforting voice in my heartbreak. Matt had left me to “have a smoke” and I sat on the end of that rubbish, old, crumpled motel-room bed and told Justin that Matt didn’t love me.

In Justin’s place, I would have definitely used that to my advantage. Justin took the Holy route and I’ll always be grateful he did. I’ll never forget what he said.

Justin said to let Matt go.

“How?” I wailed, the grip my obsession had on me was so strong I felt I would die without Matt in my life.

“A little at a time” Justin’s steady, ever-kind response down the phone line.

You, Janet – you’re the daughter of a King. You deserve to be treated like a princess because you’re worth diamonds”

Even now, I can hear Justin’s voice as I type out what he said. Even now, it gives me strength.

I am worth diamonds 💎

It took me a long time to get over Matt but Justin’s advice was straight from God that day. I could tell because my soul soaked it in the way dry soil thirstily gulps at water.

I’ve repeated Justin’s words to hundreds of hurting youth, broken young women, guys in one-way relationships where they’re getting used, to single Mom’s in abusive relationships…and today, I sent it in a text to my friend Lisa who told her so-called boyfriend of 10 years it was over because he only ever called her when he wanted something and was never there when she needed someone.

Scared, Shane proposed a movie date.

I don’t see this going well.

So I repeated Justin’s words in a text to Lisa: “Protect your heart, because you’re worth diamonds xx

And I’m hoping this message will reach you, too. Whether you’re 15 or 67…successful or failing, no matter who you are and what you think you’re worth…you are actually worth diamonds.

Don’t forget it.

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