Fairly sure my Mom is taking the piss

Noone is telling me anything about Mom and Dad flying home. I last got told by Mom it was Saturday but now it’s Monday?!? What happened there???

Mom asked for money again.

Jay and Kate paid for her flights and her overnight stay in Singapore but Mom wanted money for food, taxis (?) and “to pay expensive airport tax

I’m no expert on travel, but I’m pretty sure taxes are included in the ticket prices so I’m fairly sure my Mom is lying to me and that hurts deeply.

I sent Mom $200 out of my savings to cover meals and airport taxes (?) Mom is in Singapore overnight so taxis shouldn’t be required, right?

$200 fucking dollars should be more than enough for 1 afternoon in Singapore. Right?


After Mom got the $200, she messaged again.

“Sweetheart, I need just (just?!?) $150.00 more because the money you sent won’t be enough to cover my expenses.

Fuck that.

Where TF are you going in Singapore, Mom? To the Ritz?!?

But she’s the only parent I have left.

What if I said “No” and something happened to her?

So I sent another $150 this afternoon.

I don’t want to see my Mom anymore.

I don’t want to see her smile at me when she’s taken me for tens of thousands this last year and I’m fairly sure it’s all been to cover lies.

I hate being lied to. I hate it more when it’s a family member!!!

If you’re taking drugs again Mom, just TELL ME and I’ll cover it. If you’re gambling and need it for a debt, TELL ME AND I’LL COVER IT.


Lying to me? All fucking year when EVERY FUCKING DAY costs me everything I have emotionally, mentally and physically to leave the house and go out into the world when I’m fucking terrified of it?!? No. That is NOT OKAY, MOM.


I’m so hurt and absolutely fuming.

No more.

I can’t keep doing this.

This. Ends. Here.

3 responses to “Fairly sure my Mom is taking the piss”

  1. I’m sorry Jane, stand your ground

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    1. It’s so hard 😭 she’s the only parent I have left so I spoil her. It has to stop. This isn’t right.

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      1. I completely understand ❤️

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