Father’s day

I miss my Dad every single day.

Dad ❤️

Holidays like today – Father’s day – multiplies the grief tenfold. I’m hurting so much that my bones ache.

Last year was my 1st Father’s day without Dad. I made myself go to his favourite pub in the city, ordered a glass of lemon, lime and bitters and cried as I sipped at it…my heart breaking as I did…a small part of me hoping against reason that my Dad would come strolling in with his goofy smile.

This year, I’ve stayed in bed all day. I can’t face the Facebook posts and the TV shows – all celebrating Father’s day. Not this year.

Apparently grief gets easier with time.

It doesn’t.

I’m going back to bed.

I hate today.

3 responses to “Father’s day”

  1. I feel you. So sorry you’re going through this pain with all these triggers.

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    1. I hate that you understand because you’ve lost your Dad too, but I’m thankful to not go through this alone xx

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      1. I know what you mean. It’s so hard for many people in my life to understand. Even if they lost their dad, but had a distant relationship.

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