The little things

A fellow blogger has a blog titled “the pauses in between”. It’s a gorgeous blog, I highly recommend it ☺️. We Filo’s gotta hype each other up, huh?


What I wanted to write about was about the small moments in life – the ones in between all the big moments, because they’re the ones that end up meaning the most.

Do I remember my Graduation and Wedding day? Sure. But what moments do I treasure? They’re the times Dad would sing under his breath as we passed each other in the kitchen, the sound of bedsheets ruffling when Alun moves about in his sleep, the way my Mom always answers a call with a chuckle. Even before I’ve spoken, Mom’s happiness is bubbling out into laughter and it makes me smile.

In the job I work in, there are 2 rooms next to each other. Our office used to be an old house so we’re basically working in what used to be bedrooms, I think. 1 room has 4 Telecom officers and the other has 2 and our supervisor. I sit in the room with 2 telecommunications officers.

My desk is fairly permanent whereas other staff “hot desk” and sit in different places for different shifts. I get to sit next to a new staff member nearly every day. It’s…exciting? I don’t know. I’m trying to be positive about it. Lol.

I sat with a guy the other week, Manny. He is a polite, sweet, quietly-spoken young man – possiblyin his 20’s. As the morning progressed, Manny wanted to tell me something, so he turned his chair to face me and shifted maybe a step towards me.

It was such a small action but it made my absolute day.

To see someone physically turn towards me, move a little closer and give me their undivided attention was such a blessing!

Similarly, last night Alun was getting more and more frustrated with trying to create a personalised birthday card for one of his closest friends. I sat with Alun and immediately saw what the problem was. He’d had a few glasses of red wine and was swiping haphazardly, making all the fields move and the screen would refresh and make Alun start over again.

This card operation required a steady hand, so I gently took the phone from Alun and carefully added the photos he wanted.

“Just point and direct me, Gorg. I’ll do the selecting, ok?”

My mildly tipsy husband complied and together we were able to “create” the birthday card Al wanted and was pleased with.

When Alun got sent confirmation that payment had gone through and his card was on the way, he knelt before me, put his arms around me and hugged me.

“Thanks, Gorg” he whispered into my ear.

Again, such a small gesture but I liked it sooo much!

Having my husband thank me for helping filled my cup to the brim. I smiled all evening and went to bed with a happy heart – and tipsy husband. Haha.

It’s the smallest moments that are the most special. I hope you’re able to have a few great small moments in your day today ❤️

14 responses to “The little things”

  1. Small happiness has a great effect in life. Well shared.👍👍👌

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    1. We are so blessed by the little things, hey?


  2. It is those small moments that are special. This was such a beautiful post thanks Janet

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    1. I know that you’ll understand. I hope you can keep having those small, special moments xx

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  3. The smallest thing mean so much. It’s so lovely so see and feel love outside of the actual words. It’s the ‘I love you’ we hear from ‘have you eaten?’ ‘are you warm’ ‘Call me when you get to…’ You know? I’m so happy your cup is filling!

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    1. Those messages mean so much, don’t they? So special ❤️

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  4. Don’t know why Janet, but this post brought tears to my eyes. Especially when your husband hugged you. Makes me so happy to see that you’re so loved, the way you deserve.

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    1. You have such a gentle heart, Shanti. I’m praying your week is filled with small, happy moments ✨️

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      1. Already had a great day today when my niece texted me a riddle. It lit up my whole day. 🥰

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  5. I love the small moments in life. Lovely blog post Janet 😊

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  6. […] previously had a Happiness in Singapore list but Janet’s post inspired this new […]

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  7. It’s the little things in life we’re always gonna miss the most. But it takes a lot of active awareness to be fully conscious of every fleeting moment, especially when we’re too distracted with social media or adulting.

    You and your husband are so cute. 🙂

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    1. So are you and your husband ❤️ I’m also “Team Raven”, she’s such a cutie 💓

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