The reason why

WordPress have these little courses on this site about blogging. Huh. I wish I’d seen these earlier! Haha. They’re awesome.

One of the first courses asks us as bloggers to discover our “why” – why do we blog?

Inititally, just to be cathartic. If I can write about it, then it won’t hurt me or haunt me. That’s the ‘why’ that first comes up.

The course asks us to dig deeper and find the real reason we blog.

My reasons for blogging:

I love to monologue, God bless me (surprisingly pretty selfish and yet, I love it so much).

I want to share my life with others – I’m hoping by sharing what I go through, someone else will feel less alone

I want to eventually build up a following of thousands so that I have a great platform to sell my Memoir to. It sounds awful, I know…but it’s true. My blog is nothing unless I’m completely 100% honest on it. I feel very passionate about that.

The main reason though? The deep, underlying reason?

I want to blog so that if I die (I get so suicidal sometimes, it’s scary how close I’ve been to killing myself several times throughout this process)…I’ll be leaving a piece of me behind. For prosperity? Is that the word? I’ll have to Google it and will get back to you to confirm at a later date.

That’s my “Why”. So I don’t get forgotton when I’m gone.

2 responses to “The reason why”

  1. Yes I do for the above reasons as well. Thanks for being honest. It’s why I keep coming back here πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ½

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    1. I feel like I’ve found such a good friend in you, we are similar on so many of the important things in life πŸ™‚ we love our families, our friends, great food and writing xoxo

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