Stop please, I want to get off

I’m not sleeping, I hate eating steamed vegetables, I’m exhausted, fed up, ANGRY, hurt, done in, upset, outraged and you know what? I fucking GIVE UP.

45 years, 25 houses, 52 jobs, abused, bullied, ripped off, betrayed, traumatised, blamed…the list seems endless for my life.

This is me drawing my line in the sand and saying no more.


3 responses to “Stop please, I want to get off”

  1. “I get knocked down, but I get up again” Your words girl… Get up one more time!

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  2. Intermittent fasting works better for me cos I get to eat what I like. I can’t survive with zero desert

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  3. Find your center. You can do this. Big hugs.


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