Alun brought these cheap, horrid candles from Target or Kmart. They smell awful. They smell like toilet spray – this artificial ‘niceness’ that is annoying to have to smell because the “spring field” they’re supposed to smell like is nothing like the cloying sweet smell they seem to fill the room with.

What’s surprised me though – is how long one took to burn right out. It’s a peach-coloured candle about the size of a ‘double shot’ glass. But Alun fell asleep last night with the candle burning and it was still going this morning. That’s more than 8 hours. There’s also about an inch left of candle wax. Huh.

I know it will burn out, though.

I know it will get to a little tiny puddle of wax and it will go out.







Like me in a few days. Maybe tonight. Maybe tomorrow. The only thing I’m absolutely sure about is that I’m not going to live to see Friday.

Before Friday, I too will get to the end of my ‘wax’ because you know what, guys? I’ve been burning for longer than I expected, too. Like that God-awful candle in the living room, I too will be snuffed out.

My only win is that I’ll be doing the snuffing.

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