Sharing my world

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^^ me gegging in on a ‘share your world’ challenge I saw on a fellow blogger’s post. Hee hee.

Here are my answers to Melanie’s questions:

What’s your favorite way to spend a day off? Easy – sleeping! Hahahahaha! I love to be able to rest, it’s life. Seriously.

If you’re retired, what’s something you now include in your schedule that you dreamed about while employed? Ahahahhaha it’ll be a LONNGGGGG time before I can retire, but now that I’m…*ahem* “older”, I make time to rest, read, write and paint; making that a priority rather than running around like a headless chook. It’s important to have ‘down time’ and I really value that in my day-to-day life.

Now that Covid isn’t so strictly monitored and folks can go out and about again, are you into after-work happy hours? Lol NOPE. I wasn’t up for after work happy hours before Covid, let alone afterwards. I’m usually a receptionist so I’m ‘on’ with people ALL DAY. Therefore, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE at the end of a long work day, I want to run from the building and not see or speak to ANYONE. No judgement, they are lovely social events and everyone else seems to love them, they’re just not my thing.

What physical traits do you share with your relatives? I have my mother’s flat, mushroom-like Filipino nose. I love it. I have never met my biological father, but I have his dark skin and afro hair. Thanks “Dad”. Not.

How long does it take you to decide if you like someone or not? Unfortuntately for me, I decide right away to like someone. I have an open, generous heart and that constantly gets broken. I still haven’t learnt. I’m straight up emotionally stupid.

Feel free to share some wisdom you live by

Listen to your gut. In so many times in my life, my deep gut has said ‘run’ when I’ve met someone or ‘be careful’ and I’ve not heeded this much to my ruin and devastation later in that relationship. Your inner voice and soul – or in this case – your gut – knows a good thing when it sees one – and can spot danger at 50 miles off. Listen to it and don’t doubt your first response to someone or something.

One response to “Sharing my world”

  1. Thank you Janet for Sharing Your World! What an amazing journey you’ve had! I loved all your answers, they were so thoughtful and insightful! As you get ‘older’ (and I’m a geriatric (aka old fart) so I can speak with authority) you’ll be such a wise woman because at your young age you have already begun! I’m glad you decided to participate in SYW, there’s a load of people out there, who are regulars, and they’re all great folks, non-judgmental and kind. I think you’ll have fun discovering them and doing their prompts and making some good on-line friends; I sure have! Have a great week!

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