Borrowing from my tomorrow for your today

Craig getting all this money from me has really wound me up. I’m angry at him for using me and furious at myself for allowing it.

It stops now.

Craig, you are not getting another dollar from me and although I highly doubt if I ever see a cent of that $530 again…I’ll draw my line in the sand here and consider this a lesson. To never loan money again. Especially not to you.

I’ve thought about it and what Craig is doing is stealing my tomorrow for his today. That’s not cool.

That’s not how friends treat each other.

So the friendship ends here too.

I’m so mad. So hurt. So disappointed.

But it took me nearly half a grand to learn not to give this utter disgrace money and that’s a lesson I’ll keep now. For life.

8 responses to “Borrowing from my tomorrow for your today”

  1. You are seriously too kind

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    1. Too kind or just stupid? In my life, it’s a fine line. I’m still learning even though my heart keeps getting broken 💔

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      1. No definitely just a very generous heart ❤️

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      2. You are such a blessing and I’m so glad I *met* you. Thank you, Shanti xx

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  2. This is sadly so common. I would not beat yourself up to much. You were helping out a friend from a place of kindness. A tough lesson that many of us have been through, however, I offer this thought process that has helped guide me is similar situations. To beat myself up, or even regret doing it in the first place also means that I have to regret being a good person that was trying to do the right thing. You did what you thought was best and someday in the future, someone will need your help, and they will be worthy of it and grateful. We have to be careful not to let others actions infect the kindness that we have in our hearts and souls. I also remember someone telling me once not to loan people money that you expect to get back. HAHA. This helps me keep the “loans” to something that I can write off so to speak. Keep being a good friend to those that are worthy of you.

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    1. I usually GIVE rather than LEND so that I don’t have to experience the discomfort of asking for it back. Craig really pushed for a large amount of money, swearing on his life it would be repaid that Friday. I can’t believe I fell for that act 3 times!!!! More fool me. It’s such a huge loss. I’m really mad at myself as I should be more vigilant but my heart just wants to help and be a friend – whether appreciated or not, it seems. It didn’t put me off being the person I am and last night I sent my deeply depressed friend Pizza so she didn’t have to cook 🙂 I know Jody appreciates it and I’m happy to pay for a “family meal deal” without expecting repayment 💗 #foryouJesus

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  3. Also, I love the line, “borrowing from my tomorrow for your today” Very nice!

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    1. Ahahahaha I love it too. Not sure where I saw it bit it’s so poignant xx

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