One of the best blogs I’ve ever read:

I’m hoping you can click on the blog above by “Jazz Hands Mom” as it is one of the best blogs I’ve read and I proudly re-blog it on my side.

This blog said everything I would have wanted to say about the current “Abortion Reversal” on the news so I can’t really add anything more.

Love to all who are hurting. I stand with you.

5 responses to “One of the best blogs I’ve ever read:”

  1. I truly believe that this is not about abortion rights at all. About a year ago I read a stat somewhere that said in the very near future, (I can’t remember the exact figures but it is less than 50 years) people of colour will officially be in the majority in America. That is a very scary fact for racists. Suddenly, laws are being changed to so that it harder for black people to vote (which reminds me of how apartheid started in South Africa) and now I see posts about “more white babies can now be born”. This had nothing to do with abortion rights as such. It is to scary to watch what is going on in America right now.

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    1. Oh my gosh!!! That is absolutely terrifying. As a coloured woman myself…I find this news really, really frightening. How can this be?


      1. It’s just so sad and yes, very scary. Btw, Caucasian people will be on the minority on 2045 at current population growth rates. I couldn’t remember the year in my previous comment. 🤦🏽‍♀️

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      2. It’s scary the lengths people will go to, truly

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