I’ve lived in a lot of houses.

Like…over 25.

I’m grateful that whenever my parents threw me out, God provided a home – usually through a loving friend. My friends would find out I was homeless (again) and they’d band together to look after me. Every time.

I’m so grateful for my friends.

In every house I’ve slept in – sometimes in a shared room, sometimes on a friend’s floor, sometimes – the best times – I’d get a room to myself – My own space…but yeah, in every place, there’s been a welcome. A hug. A kind word “make yourself at home” “you can put your things here”. A space set aside…for me. There is something really beautiful in that.

In the best days ever, homecoming takes place in a 5 star hotel room. I love the fancy decor, the thick carpet, the big bed and beautiful furnishings. I adore the view and I delight over all the free stuff – the soaps, shampoo and conditioner, little snacks, teabags by the kettle…I love it all. Most of all, I like extra-special thoughtful touches – a hand-written card saying “welcome”, chocolates on the pillows, maybe even a gift basket of goodies. I love all of it. So much.

Having somewhere to sleep – somewhere safe – is something I’ve had to seek out so many times in my life. So when I can offer that safety and sanctuary to someone else, I’m all for it.

Whenever I can, I love making someone welcome in our home. I think a secret love language is “bedsheets” because I love people through the bedding I choose. Soft, freshly laundered sheets in a colour I know that person will like. Matching pillow cases and a decorative “throw cushion” to bring the look together. I plump up the pillows, smooth the wool blanket and steady the vase of fresh flowers on the bedside table that I always love to include. Alun loves providing a lamp so when you stay with us, you’ll get one by your bed.

(I’m so blessed by how much Alun welcomes anyone and everyone into our home. My husband is goals, seriously)


I love a well decorated room, so I will lovingly decorate our guest room before arrival with matching furniture, a pretty print on the wall, a chair by the bed for reading in, a nice rug…and omg miniature shampoo and conditioner (I love them!) on a freshly laundered soft towel set aside just for you on the end of your bed.

Mom gave us plush white Sheridan robes for one Christmas years ago. I sold mine, but Alun kept his and now it hangs on the guest room door, with a pair of matching white hotel slippers. A little touch of luxury that looks so nice.

There is a gift to making someone at home in your home. A special way to set aside room for someone extra that makes them feel wanted and welcomed.

So with Mom coming to stay, I once again need to think about our guest room, what Mom would like and how to make her feel like she’s a part of our home.

I’m struggling though with Mom’s well-being being lumped on Alun and I. Jay hasn’t offered to help at all but has gleefully accepted Mom’s suggestion of babysitting while he’s at work.


So instead of being gracious, I’m really angry, guys. I feel jipped. I feel protective of Alun, too. He opens his heart AND WALLET so lovingly to Mom and gets absolutely nothing back. Al works long hours and has tough shifts…to think of him not being able to come home and relax weighs on me, too. Having Mom here is going to affect Alun’s shifts. I worry about him.

So my mission over this next month or so (we haven’t booked tickets yet. I’ve been our of work and can’t afford them, I don’t want Alun to pay on his own so Mom will have to wait while I get back to work and save money) is to make our home welcoming for both Mom and Alun. I want to set up two living areas and hopefully make one a bit more “Alun friendly” than the other so Al has his own space. I’d like to get 2 arm chairs, too – one for Mom’s room and one for our bedroom so either Al or Mom can retreat to their bedroom, sit and play on their phones/laptops without having to sit on the bed.

There is a lot to do, a lot to pay for (Grr!!!) and loads to sort out to ensure that welcoming Mom into our home doesn’t jeopardise Alun’s comfort.

Father God, please give me your wisdom in this new…season. Please help me to find a way to make both Alun and Mom feel loved and comfortable in our tiny cottage. Amen.

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