Up all night

I can’t sleep through the night any more. I feel exhausted…right down to my bones, every night. I have felt like this for a week. Tired, I go to bed. I am showered, in clean pjs, we have a relatively comfortable bed…but no matter how much I try, I can’t get to sleep. If I do happen to nod off, I “ping” awake an hour later…as if a timer has gone off and my body refuses to allow any more slumber.

I’m worried because my night time antidepressants are supposed to help me sleep but they don’t do anything. They also cost a fortune so I feel like I’m getting extra ripped off, you know?


I just want to sleep!!!

Has this got anything to do with regular full moons this week? Apparently the “super moon” is so “big and beautiful” (pfft) because it’s 20 million miles closer to the Earth than before.


Are our bodies affected by this?

Or am I just getting worse?

It’s probably me.

I hate this. I’m sooo tired that tears are making slow tracks down my face as I write. I so badly want some rest.

Just another few hours, even.


2 responses to “Up all night”

  1. Hey there, you ae not alone here. So many factors go into my own poor sleep as well. I have recently gone to turning my phone off and leaving it downstairs. Trying to exercise more and perhaps the exhaustion will help me sleep. HAHA. Turning off the TV early and reading. Even so, I am not a great sleeper and perhaps that is just the way it is. When the mind is so “loud” all the time, it is challenging to keep it quiet. I feel your pain. Thank you for sharing, we are not alone.

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    1. Those are all such great ideas, Tommy. I will have to try to exercise more as I live a pretty sedentary life. I hope you get a good sleep tonight 😴 thank you for taking the time to write to me, I really appreciate it x

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