30 questions with JD :)

Totes copying from an awesome blog by one of my favourite bloggers “Frog Machinery” where he interviews himself and gave us all insight into who he is as a person. In true Janet fashion, I like his idea and want to do the same.

I’ll put the kettle on, you get comfortable.

Photo by Jess Bailey Designs

Let’s go!

When did you first realise you were a writer? Ahh…probably a few years ago when I started taking blogging seriously. I love writing about my experiences because writing it down allows me to look at it a bit more objectively.

When did you write your first book? I started writing “The First Pancake” (my Memoir) last January (2021). I submitted it to 6 initial publishers and got accepted by 2 of them. Then I got greedy (and more anxious lol) and submitted my manuscript to about 10 other Publishers and got 10 rejections. Some rejections were really helpful and some were outright rude – eg; “Can you even understand a paragraph and how to structure one properly?” ahahhaha. Guess you’re not the publishers for me. All the rejections hurt…but I had to accept them and move on. I’m also writing a Romance Novella: “Pushing on a Pull Door” and I publish the chapters on my Facebook feed when I’ve written them – usually on the fly – as I’m in line waiting for public transport or on a lunch break at work.

What’s your happiest memory? So blessed to have so many. I love laughing with my friends, I love that it’s very rare to return from a long plane journey without a bunch of mates waiting to take me home at the arrivals gate, I loved ALL of 2009 – best year everrrr. I love whenever Alun and I belly laugh and a bit of wee comes out. GOLD.

What are your favourite books? I love ANYTHING by Christian Author: Francine Rivers, I’m loving all types of YA books – “All the bright places” blew my mind because it addresses mental illness with so much class, understanding and beauty…and there’s another YA fiction about a guy who can’t remember/recognise faces that taught me a lot about an illness I had no prior knowledge of – “Face blindness”. So interesting. I loved “Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine” and seeing her growth socially and emotionally was as lovely as seeing a flower’s petals open. So special. I was blown away reading an entire novel that was written in gorgeous poetry prose – “Clap when you land” about 2 girls losing their Dad (I related so much to the grief of unexpectedly losing a loved one) and finding each other instead. I’m loving “Not the man you thought you knew” by Mike Gayle – I so relate to one of the characters who suffered brain injury and lost a lot of his life and his personality from it – just powerful to read chapters from his POV, and of course; I’m always open to/interested in Thrillers – as long as they are about crime and not supernatural things. I can’t be dealing with horror. Yuckkk.

What are your passions? Singing (I sing 24/7 – seriously), Writing, Gardening, working with children, scrapbooking (although I don’t know much and am still learning about putting pages together in a pleasing way – I think I lean towards the Scandinavian ‘less is more’ way to decorate), paint-by-numbers, house decorations, new sinks (OMG), beautiful landscaping, sleeping, napping, food…I’m a little in love with all/each of my friends and am low-key obsessed with Alun. Just a little bit. Lol.

Biggest joy? Being married to Alun. I hit the jackpot with a sexy Welsh Rugby Player. Seriously.

Biggest regret? Not enjoying my life more in my 20’s and 30’s – I was so serious. So focused on being good that I forgot to let go and enjoy life. Oh to be that young again…sigh.

Things that make you laugh? ALUN. Ahahahaha 🙂 My friends are hilarious, too. My best friend makes me laugh most of all – love you Becci. I love little kids and how everything is new and exciting to them. Kids laugh all the time, I love that about them. The things kids come up with crack me up.

Things that make you angry? Injustice, bullying, bigotry, people who think they’re God’s gift to us all but are really just a**holes. I get angry thinking that SO MUCH MONEY goes to ‘defence’ and war-related things but that money should go (in my opinion) to hospitals and giving healthcare Staff raises, investing in quality care homes for the elderly, for building homes for the homeless, more pay for Teachers, TA’s and Children’s workers, towards sustainability so we leave the earth in a better place for future generations…I’m getting riled up now. Ask me something else. Quick.

Favourite song? Good one. I love music. I think my ‘favourite song’ changes all the time but I love a well-written song so I’m loving Ed Sheeran’s latest songs and singing along to Adele or Hillsong worship songs. I can listen to “Waymaker” on repeat.

How would you describe your fashion style? Comfort over style and over expense, too. Lol. When I’m thinner, I choose better clothes. I wear pretty dresses, jackets, tailored pants – complete looks with headbands, pretty shoes, jewelery to match my outfit – the works. When I’m fat (like now) I wear loose clothing and mostly pjs if I can get away with it. I tend to go for block colours over patterns, I like well made, well fitted jeans with floral, girly tops. I think wearing heels makes any outfit 1000 x better…but I’m so bloody uncomfortable in them. Lol. I like simple, clean lines, not too much/too many layers. I don’t think anything beats black slacks, a crisp, well-tailored white shirt and denim jacket with some nice heels. Simple. Classic. Timeless. One day I’d like to wear a pretty floral dress with thigh-high boots and a pretty cardigan. One day…

Do you have a favourite clothing Brand? Lol…Kmart?!? Hahahahah. At least I can afford it. I love clothes from Portmans because they make work clothes look romantic and sweet. It’s very imporant for me to be girly. I don’t think that I’d ever buy/wear (afford?!?) Prada, Gucci, Chanel…but one day, I would love to own a black, padded/quilted Chanel bag. I love all the clothes Lauren Conrad designs. Her looks for all seasons align with mine – girly, soft pastels, ruffles, bows, lots of pink, very romantic, lots of florals. Everything LC releases, I absolutely love. But! LC stores don’t ship to Australia (booooooooo) so maybe one day I’ll go to the states and bring back “Lauren Conrad” originals in my cases. Lol. Here’s hoping.

Best advice you’ve been given? My Dad always said to get feelings out and talk about them, that’s stayed with me. Dad also used to say “How do you eat an Elephant, Chook? One bite at a time” and that’s so true. I try to step back when I feel overwhelmed and focus on the here and now. I look at the step in front of me, not the mountain top that seems impossible in the distance. Someone in my 1st marriage also said to force myself to take 20 seconds to just breathe and look around me during my wedding. I did that and it’s changed my life. To just take time to purposely BE IN THE MOMENT was amazing. I strongly encourage that for you if you’re getting married soon. It all goes by in the blink of an eye, truly.

How do you feel about alternative lifestyles/The LGQBTA community? Each to their own, I guess. I’m not ‘against’ anyone’s choices, I just want them to be happy – ss long as they’re not hurting anybody – fill your boots, really. It’s none of my business. My focus should be on my own life and losing some freaking weight. Lol.

Where do you sit on the Depp Vs Heard case? Again, probably none of my business but I’m team Johnny. He isn’t perfect (come on now, who is?) but I felt he wasn’t the abuser and that Johnny deserved his life back. Winning the case (Go Johnny!) will hopefully help him do just that.

As a so-called Christian – what are your views on taking medication/seeing a Doctor rather than relying solely on God? I think God made Doctors, so I will see one if I’m struggling with my health. Same with medications. I think God made amazing pharmacologists (sp?) who worked for years to help us, so rather than sitting miserably in pain, I’ll take that tablet. Again, that’s my opinion – to anti-vaxers and anti-doctors – you do you, boo. Whatever you believe is best for you…is best for you.

Are you still obsessed with Matt? Err…next question please. Lol. That damn boy.

Do you regret not having had children? Only sometimes…and that’s a fleeting thought. I regret it more for the fact that it impacts Alun’s life. He would have been an amazing Daddy. That breaks my heart to have to write. Next question, please. Damn it.

Things that surprise you? Alun suprises me every day. He’ll suddenly rap along to a song I didn’t know he knew or tell me yet another happy story from his life. Al has been on so many adventues, it’s nice to hear new ones all the time. Children surprise me with how incredible they are. They are amazing in every way. Gardening surprises me. To basically ‘bury’ a seed into the ground and then magically something green starts to pop it’s little head out of the surface days later? It’s wonderous, truly.

What’s an embarassing moment? When I first met Jonathan – and his entire family – in the UK, I had nits. I was so embarrassed about it that I didn’t say anything…I just proceeded to silently infect everyone. True story. This and things like it are what make up my upcoming Memoir 🙂

I am feeling too unwell to continue interviewing myself. Haha.

If you’re reading along, THANK YOU and PLEASE feel free to ask me more questions, I’d honestly love to hear from you. Shanti, my love – I’m looking at you. Lol.

Janet out.

11 responses to “30 questions with JD :)”

  1. It was so super exciting to get a shout out 💕 yippee I’m team Johnny too – since 21 Jump Street. & I’m so glad to know you have such a wonderful husband & amazing friends. That’s truly a rarity.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg being so young and having a crush on Johnny in 21 jump street! Lol. His poster was on my wall for years! Thank you for commenting, lovely Shanti. Even though I didn’t give you much choice there! Lol xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. He was just so beautiful … those cheekbones. And still is lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It was so touching to see him “exposed” in Court yet Johnny handled himself with so much dignity. I didn’t realise he spoke so softly but even without ever raising his voice, he stood for what he believed in and that was awesome to see. So much strength of character there. Now I’m an even bigger fan.

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  2. I have a question: where would you like to live or travel to. For myself even though Singapore is home I always dream of living in a place with seasons and is less urbanised. Everything’s super efficient safe and convenient here but I just can’t take the heat & humidity. & crowds.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s such a great question 🤔 when Alun and I visited Singapore we loved how amazing travelling around it was, how beautiful and CLEAN it is and how there aren’t as many cars as here in Perth. Singapore has sustainability down, I love that! I hear you on the heat and humidity though. It’s a blessing here in Perth to go through the seasons and know for our hot, dry summers that we only need to endure it “a little longer” before the seasons change 🧡 I’ve been fortunate enough to have lived 7 years in the UK and loved that it’s fairly similar to Australian and I didn’t have to learn another language. I certainly appreciated going home for summer every year though! Liverpool is cold all year. Haha. I would love to visit Amsterdam as it looks so beautiful or Switzerland at Christmas time as snow on Christmas day would be super cool and Alun loves to ski. It also looks like such a beautiful place.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes Switzerland at Christmas time with snow – I would be pinching myself as it would feel too much like a dream or fairytale

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  3. Lol on #19. That’s so funny. Did they find out it was from you, though? Or do I wait for your book to come out to know the answer?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I think they literally saw lice crawling all over my head but were so loving and polite, they didn’t say anything. I did a sneaky mission to the Chemist and sorted my offending head out…but to this day I feel awful about it.


      1. hahaha. Well, on the bright side, you’re memorable to them.

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