Mom is bringing Dad home.

There I was…in my leggings and Alun’s Hospital fleece, digging hungrily into a packet of cheese and onion chips – when my phone starting ringing with the “Facebook video chat” chime.

Uh oh.

I looked to see who it was and my heart sank as I recognised Mom was calling on the ‘family chat’ group Jay had made when Dad died.

Quickly, I wiped whatever crumbs from my mouth and fluffed Alun’s fleece, hoping to get whatever crumbs may have fallen (I’m a messy eater, God bless me) onto my (okay, Alun’s) jumper and hastily ran my hands through my hair.

Lucky I showered today.

Praise God, I washed, dried and then beautifully straightened my hair (pic below because I’m so pleased I am clean and my hair isn’t a mess) today.

Mom’s face popped up. Bless her little moon face.

“Hi Mom” I quickly ran my tongue over my lips, seeing a chip crumb on my bottom lip.

OMG JD. Get yourself together, woman.

“Little brown girl!” Mom called out happily.

Jay’s face popped up in a third window. He was holding his new daughter in his arms – a mini him because Lily looks just like him. It is incredible, really.

Mom’s eyes went straight to her new Granddaugher “Oh hello there, my darling” Mom cooed.

I tried not to roll my eyes. This is not the time to reflect back on every time Jay – or in this case his children – have overshadowed you, JD…nor will it be the last.

Keep it together.




Mom’s got her new passport now (woo!) and is excited for bringing Dad home to us.

I never thought I’d ever have to type such a painful sentence in my life, guys.

“So when shall I come?” Mom’s hopeful face peered into the screen.

My heart broke looking at my younger sibling – still in business clothes from work and looking so tired.

I hope you’re getting some rest, Jay. I hope you’re okay.

Jay turned the camera towards his beautiful wife Kate – who is just stunning – she looks a lot thinner since last time. Sebastian was there wearing glasses which were so cute. I didn’t know my nephew wore glasses. He’s too cute, seriously.

It was hard to catch the conversation because the video and audio kept stopping and starting and we were all talking at once.

Basically, Jay and I are in agreement. Get that, Dad. We agree on things! I never thought the day would come.

Mom found flights “for about $550 – $600 one way” so that’s affordable, I think. Mom doesn’t know how long she’ll be here (hopefully long enough to sign up for Centrelink! OMG that would be a HUGE relief for my bank account…and Alun’s, I’m guessing) but she’s excited for seeing her grandchildren and bringing Dad home “as long as he’s sealed properly” in his urn.

This is so painful. My Dad is coming back sealed.

What is going on in my life right now?!?

Jay and I agreed to:

Both looking at flights

We will pay half each for flights

Both of us will take turns accommodating Mom when she’s here. I like the idea of both of us shouldering that responsiblity and was so surprised Jay agreed…but Mom said she would like to live with me (thanks Mom. I’m being sarcastic) but be over at Jay’s every day. Great.

My ‘brain zaps’ are back in full force so I can’t look at this screen any longer.

I’m just blessed that my parents are coming home.

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