“He maketh me lay down in green pastures”

I’ve read Psalm 23 sooo many times througout my life and every time without fail, God shows me something new.

Today, Jesus is chuckling at me, saying “I would have to FORCE you to STOP and REST because otherwise, you’d keep going”.

You’re right, you know Jesus. You’d have to “maketh me” because I’m so caught up in what needs doing (dishes, laundry, floors need sweeping, clothes need folding, the garden needs a good weeding/trim and on and on it goes) that I wouldn’t just rest of my own accord.

Resting – really resting – has been a struggle these last 2 weeks because I’m in so much pain and SO BLOODY UNCOMFORTABLE with my aching shoulder and spinning head that sitting down and doing nothing is really hard. I can’t seem to help but do something.

Thank you, Lord Jesus – that you know me so well. You know unless you DEMAND it and ASSURE me that’s okay to stop and rest, I won’t do it.

I love you and I’m so glad you’re in my life.

Please help me to rest.

And to stop eating!!! OMG.

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