Rest is coming

I’m really, really tired, guys.

I need to push myself just another week, then I can rest.

I’m just unsure if that rest is going to be in Hospital or not. At first I was all for going to hospital…I’m away from chores and things that need doing around the house…but going to hospital means daily wake-up visits from Nurses at 7am, group therapy classes until after lunch and “free time” will probably be in my room where I would like to nap but that will be discouraged by staff so that I “get a good night’s sleep”.

I don’t think I want all that governing. I literally just want to sleep all day every day for a week. I can sleep more at home.

I’d like to see a GP about some new antidepressants as the ones I’m on now are obviously not working so a week off gives me time to do that…and a week to try new meds. Hmm. Trying new meds might be better at home too? Or in hospital where medical staff can watch over me and monitor the changes?

I still don’t know.

I just know I’d like a rest.

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