New goals

I want to get a stable job. One I LIKE. Please, God.

I want to legally change my name to the one I CHOSE for myself.

I want to pay off my Mom’s house in the Philippines with proper builders, FFS. Not randomers from the community.

I want to take myself on a holiday for 4 days. Flights AND accommodation.

I want to get my driver’s licence.

I want to do something really, really nice for Alun.

I’d like to encourage and bless as many friends as I can. That’s my heart right there 💓

I’d like to get my project “Good night’s sleep” written and submitted to Government. #help the homeless

I want to sue “Natalie” for $28K because that’s how much that 6 month contact she interfered with cost me.

I want to see my Memoir on a bookstore shelf.

Janet 2022 #goals 💗

2 responses to “New goals”

  1. Yes it will all be manifested 🦋✨🙏🏽

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    1. This is my prayer 😉 “lose weight and be sexy” should be up there, too but oh well

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