Time to Lawyer uppp

Good old “Ethel” tried to tell ME what to do in MY life when she knows NOTHING about me and has NEVER been there for me.

I wasn’t having that. Nope. So I clapped back at her and her response?!? RAGE.

Check it out:

“Err hello Police? There’s a girl in Australia that was mean to me on Facebook” Sure. They’ll come right over and arrest me 😂

So Ethel, honey. You had to go home, did you? Why? Because I’d FLY across the entire world and yell at you in person? That’s so stupid. It’s also A STRAIGHT OUT LIE because you didn’t have to go home from work at all, you’re all on school holidays.

You’re a LIAR, Ethel. I’m glad I got it in print.

Here’s who I am:

  • Protective over myself, my family and my friends
  • Not about to tolerate your bullshit. Not even for a second.
  • Not willing to back down when you – SOMEONE WHO KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT MY 1ST MARRIAGE has the GALL to tell me who did what to whom 13 effing years ago? Oh no no no no no.
  • I struggle with mental illness and I will embrace and support anyone else who does. God knows, we could use it.
  • Non judgemental over anyone’s lifestyle choice. If anything I’ll support and embrace them, too.

Now here’s you:

  • You obviously have no compassion at for people with mental illness
  • You hate gay people , you hate lesbians. You hate anyone that isn’t ‘straight’ and you’ve told me before that they’re all “going to hell”. What makes YOU the judge of that, you old fart?
  • You hate people who have abortions
  • You hate people who live together unless they are married (even though you were doing just the same and I honestly supported that and was so pleased for you and your boyfriend. He is a STELLAR guy and you didn’t deserve him, to be honest).
  • You ASKED LOADS OF PEOPLE TO HELP YOU BULLY ME. Oh gosh, that was stunning. If you’re going to mouth off at me honey, HAVE THE DECENCY TO NOT INFLUENCE OTHERS AND OUTRIGHT ASK THEM TO JOIN IN AND DO THE SAME. That’s disgusting. Literally made me vomit. In a way I’m glad you asked in print in a Whatsapp message that was sent to a huge group because I have solid proof that you’re rallying people against me when this fight is just between you and I. Better put your gloves on and step into the ring. Just YOU and ME. I have nothing to lose so let’s boogie.
  • I’m also just waiting now for you to have a go at my weight and skin colour. Go ahead – blow your full load of hatred my way, I’ll wait. I’ve got plenty of time.

There’s a lot of HATRED and JUDGEMENT in your views there, Ethel. I don’t know how you carry it around, it must be heavy. You must be exhausted 😩 pointing your finger at loving, honorable people who just live differently to your stuck-up, cold, exclusive, perfect little “I’m such a good Christian” life.

Instead of hitting me over the head with your Bible, try READING IT. Jesus ate dinner with the very people you HATE.

My best mates are Gay/Lesbian and they are some of the sweetest, kindest people I know. A lot of my most treasured friends are also mental health sufferers but you know what? They’re WARRIORS and for you to come at people who are (in your words, honey) “severely mentally unwell” – That’s not ok with me.

I don’t know who my birth Father is…wanna have a go at that, too?

I got bullied at school – wanna friend all of those people on Facebook and ask them to ALSO join in on getting me?!?

Because everything I am has been laid bare, Ethel dear. Everything.

But you? You are a sneaky, slimy little snake. You are a poo stain on the toilet bowl that REFUSES to just GO AWAY!!! The things you have done have been kept under wraps so you probably don’t want anyone snooping – and yet YOU’RE the one who supposedly informed the Police?


I’d better get ready for the Aussie FBI to come get me, huh?

I honestly don’t think you did a thing. Cowards don’t act until they have a group around them.

If you DID tell the police to “go and get that bad Janet” (highly doubt it) well honey, I have news for you. They have MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO than chase after every person who posts angrily about another. You think you’re SO SPECIAL that the English and Australian Police are working together to come and arrest me, do you? Newsflash Eth – They don’t care!!!

But guess who might?


And guess who knows TWO very good Law firms?

Yep. Me.

So keep an eye on my – I mean your – postbox because one day very soon you’ll be getting a cease and desist (ok, no idea what it’s called but you get the drift) letter from my Lawyers. No more slanderous, accusing and hate-rallying Whattsap posts for you, you self righteous little tart. NO MORE BULLYING. NO MORE HATE.

I just need to decide whether I go with Maurice or Zara.

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