Today is my birthday 🎂

It’s my 45th (OH MY WORD) birthday today and this is what I know to be true:

  • Alun is the best person I know. Marry someone you can cry with, shout at, laugh with, dance with, fall asleep with and miss the instant they leave the house. Marry your best friend and not just whoever gives you butterflies in your tummy.
  • My friends are absolutely incredible ❤️ you guys are the lights of my life. I love you all sooo much.
  • Treasure time with your Dad because one day you’ll look up and he’ll suddenly be gone 😭
  • Being kind is so much more important than being rich
  • These “firsts” anniversaries after my Dad died are so freaking painful!!! Why, God?!? Why?!?
  • There is always room for dessert. Always.
  • It is never too late and we are never too old to make our dreams come true
  • God’s great Grace is why I’m still standing, I’m incredibly angry about that atm but deeply grateful, too
  • There is no substitute for vanilla icecream when you have banana fritters
  • I would prefer to be on Captain Lee’s yacht than Captain Sandy’s
  • Even though I haven’t written about them in ages, Hayley and Rajesh live in my mind and heart and are as real to me as real friends are
  • 😔 grief should come with incredibly fast weight loss because yeah, I lost my Dad – but it would definitely cheer me up to wear a fitted top, size 8 jeans and high heels tomorrow. Just saying.
  • I’ve lost jobs, gained jobs, been bullied, suffered and wanted to give up…and through it all, written an incredibly moving Memoir which will be published later this year. That’s huge.
  • Being homeless was nothing compared to being betrayed
  • Having a kind message from a thoughtful friend can do wonders
  • Dad always said “Darl, you can’t just throw money at problems” but I disagree 😉 it’s often the BEST way to solve them 😉 #sorrynotsorry
  • My favourite place will always be the Beach
  • I will always love pancakes, well made cupcakes, good books, quality writing and gifting sets, working with children, writing about my life (Eh, write what you know), fancy hotel rooms (YASS!!!), flowers and being with friends ❤️
  • Gardening is magical and the best antidepressant I’ve ever taken
  • I’ve learnt its VITAL to be as mindful as much as you can in every moment
  • Be ‘present’ when you’re with someone you love – put your damn phone away, whatever it is that pings on your phone screen can wait
  • I’m fairly badass
  • I’m also as mad as a box of frogs 🐸
  • 45 year olds are just older teenagers. We still have no bloody idea what we’re doing, we just have more bills to pay and less free time
  • Winter is the best season ever. Hands down.
  • Christmas is 1000 x more “Christmasey” in the UK and is just plain weird in a hot country
  • I’ll always love romance but dislike romance novels
  • mushrooms do not belong on any meal
  • I don’t like pumpkins but pumpkin scones are AMAZING
  • Pyjamas are splendour in cloth form
  • Kindness really IS magic
  • when little ones laugh, I’m absolutely positive fairies are born
  • Libraries and Librarians are the unsung heroes of this world

And lastly…if you can’t SEE the light…BE the light.

Janet out.

45 years old. Onwards and upwards.

4 responses to “Today is my birthday 🎂”

  1. You are just beyond incredible Janet & I always look forward to your posts. 💜Wishing you the best birthday. You’re just a baby compared to me but I bet I’m more childish …yes we never grow up on the inside 😝

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    1. Ahahahaha we are both so young at heart ❤️ I love whenever you comment xx

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