My favourite toy :)

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I was very ‘girly girl’ (hope that’s not offending anyone) so I loved my dolls, particularly my Barbies so much. I loved how glamorous Barbie looked in all her amazing outfits and loved how many different shoes and accessories she had. I was born in 1977 so by the time I got introduced to Barbie, there still weren’t that many dark-skinned dolls and Barbies out in the world.

I would look at thin, gorgeous, perfect, blonde-haired, blue-eyed barbie with envy, awe and sadness because compared to my short, stumpy, dark-skinned little girl appearance, I would never make the cut. I felt so ugly. So WRONG. It broke my heart so playing with Barbie was bittersweet.

Now I’m 44 years old and want to do a happy fist-pump whenever I see dark-skinned Barbies and dolls. YASS!!!

She looks badass AND beautiful 😍

More of that, please! More dolls and barbies that dark-skinned little ones can relate to. Oh the joy of holding a Barbie and playing in her beautiful make-believe mini world with a doll that looked a lot like you! Wow. I love the new Barbies with Afro hair, coloured short hair cuts, different body types (Although the makers seem to be struggling a bit with plus-sized Barbies, the dimensions seem really off – or is that just me?), different skin types, different abilities…so much more inclusive and I absolutely love that.

I’m really weighing up buying myself a Barbie in my 40’s guys. So tempted!

3 responses to “My favourite toy :)”

  1. Yes definitely do it. I bought myself Collectible Barbies in my 30’s because I only had one barbie & had to give it away as a kid.

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    1. Oh Shanti…that breaks my heart that you had to give your Barbie away but gives me hope that you brought a new one! Yass!!! Love that for you ☺

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      1. I still remember that Ballerina Barbie fondly …old style from 1980. Even more special cos I couldn’t believe my dad was buying it for me. Very expensive then.

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