Cool, But How Much Do You Make? — Frog Machinery

Low Pay Peasantry

Cool, But How Much Do You Make? — Frog Machinery

K guys, ngl I don’t know what I’m doing…but I’m TRYING to share a fellow blogger’s awesome blog on my own site so more people can read his insightful work.

I read “Mr Frog’s” blog on the above (I think if you click on the red link it will take you to his site so you can read the entire article? It’s worth it, I promise) and I thought of 3 people:

John Lennon (RIP) – who said “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans

Heath Ledger (RIP too, mate) – who said “Everyone wants to know what I do, but nobody asks me if I’m happy or not

…and my brother – who is the first person to weigh up whether you’re worth his time or not when he meets you. He’ll look you up and down, assess your “worth” (are you wearing expensive brands? Do you have a ‘timepeice‘ on your wrist? Do you have the latest iPhone? Did you arrive in an expensive car? How much do you make an hour? A year? Is it a lot? Because if it isn’t, you’re not worth his time. You’re not worth anything in his eyes). Jay will spend time with you if you arrived in an expensive car, if your jacket is tailor-made, if your shoes are Italian leather. Jay will be charming and want to give you his business card. It’s probably printed on the finest paper and has a foil logo on it. He’ll extol the virtues of Perth Real Estate and have you agreeing to things you never thought you’d nod to within moments.

My brother earns 6 figures on the commission he makes. His house was “architect designed”. He celebrates with bottles of Moet like he’s just buying a random bottle of lemonade.

Impressive, huh?

But…are you happy, Jay?

That’s what I want to know. I want you to be happy, Jay.

So yeah. Read “Mr Frog’s” Blog and I hope when you do, you can feel my hug from across the miles because I hope you’re honestly happy with what you do. It doesn’t matter how much money you earn, it matters if you’re happy in your life.

Love you all xx

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