1st day in my new job

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Perth city xx





I started at 9:00am in my new job as a Data Input Officer at the WA Police Office in the city. The building I work in is the same one Alun and I got married in. The staff are nice and it’s odd seeing Policemen/women walking around in their smart blue uniforms. I feel guilty – as if I might have accidentally stolen something and some sort of alarm would go off as they walked past me.

I started my first day along with 2 other new, wide-eyed temps so I guess in a way it was good thing because then I wasn’t on my own.

We’re learning how to input and process payments and invoices to support the Finance team. It’s a lot of new systems and processes that are completely foreign to me. I struggled with embarassment as the other 2 temps caught on straight away. I felt so stupid. It was all happening so fast and I was taking notes and had so many questions. The 2 other temps left at 3:00pm but I stayed behind an extra hour to make ask questions, take extra notes and try to wrap my mind around the new things we learnt.

Is this because I’m old?


Oh Lord. I hope not.

I hope tomorrow is easier.

For now, I’m going to bed.

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