Someone I admire

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I love my friends and am a little bit in love with all of them. I’m low-key obsessed with my husband and I adore my parents so picking just one person to admire, that’s hard.

I love all my friends, but for today I’ll appreciate my friend Kristy.

Photo by Secret Garden

Firstly, Kristy is really beautiful. She’s tall, really thin and has bright blue eyes, blonde hair and these gorgeous ‘little girl’ freckles on her face. She has a pretty smile (she’s shy and rarely uses it around those she doesn’t know well) and such a warm, caring spirit.

I admire my friend Kristy because she’s a Mom of 3 happy, healthy, cheeky children and loves each of her children wholeheartedly. Kristy always wants the best for her children, worries over them, rejoices with them and absolutely treasures them – even now that they’re in their teenage years. I admire what an amazing wife Kristy is, too. Kristy and her husband have been married for around 20 years and they still are deeply in love. That blows my mind, that they’re still like teenagers in so many ways and that they have a happy, successful marriage.

I admire Kristy’s steadfastness. She’s wise (I respect her advise, it’s always Godly and kind), she’s really gentle, really patient, really kind, really sweet – but there is a strength there. I don’t think she’s one to be messed about with. I think if you crossed a line – especially with her children – Kristy would let you know in her gentle way that she didn’t like what you were doing. There is so much power in being sure of yourself – sure enough that you don’t have to shout, swear or threaten, but yet people will listen to you, respect you and back off. That’s pretty amazing. I would love to be like that one day.

An iron fist in a velvet glove

I think someone said that of Margaret Thatcher once. I think it’s probably one of the most badass compliments ever.

4 responses to “Someone I admire”

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  2. You’re friend sounds amazing!

    Hopping in from the community,

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  3. I love the sentence: “I love my friends and am a little bit in love with all of them.”

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    1. Ahahahahah I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a toxic trait but yes, I fall in love with my friends. I cherish them and hold them all so close to my heart ❤

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