I don’t think I’ve ever spent this length of time (about 2 years now) really, really overweight…like seriously obese. At most in the past, I’ve gotten to “chubby” when I’ve let myself go…but I’ve still managed to look cute, you know?

Now? I’m just plain damn UGLY.

I can’t stand to see pictures of myself. I hate how I look.

What’s infuriating is that it’s withing MY CONTROL to change this.

But I’m so addicted to fried, fatty foods that switching to healthy, wholesome foods and going for a walk every day seems as possible as flying to the moon. Or flying anywhere for that matter.

I’m so uneasy. So unsettled. So UNCOMFORTABLE in my own body.

This sucks.

2 responses to “Uneasy”

  1. You can’t imagine how much I feel this but I actually am fine with it now. I actually think I’m ok looking even with the extra fat (makes you look younger when you get older). I think it’s because I was never shamed by family who always called me beautiful, but only by outsiders (mostly horrible abusive teachers, people at work, and kids who obviously learnt it from adults in their lives).

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    1. I bet you are sooo pretty. You have a heart of gold so surely that must show on your outward appearance xxxx

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