I just want it to stop

This entire year has been HORRIBLE. I don’t think I’ve had an entire week in this whole year where things have stayed at peace and I’ve not had to fight to survive a horrible boss, horrible job, family issues, mental health issues, going to f**king Court again and again to defend the restraining order on “Natalie”, chasing up the Pest Control f**kers who put a hole in our ceiling and then just left and refused to deal with us, my Mom is now in TYPHOON WEATHER in Cebu and you know what? Not knowing how my one remaining parent is…that’s the straw that broke the camel’s back. I can’t go on. I really can’t.

I’ve asked to be re-admitted to hospital on the 26th December and until then, I was planning race around as fast as possible, doing a temp job to earn a week’s pay (That failed badly, I was sent home after only 2 hours because I was too upset) and to clean the house top-to-bottom and look after Alun.

Right now, I’m in my pjs and have either been asleep or crying hard.

This is all so hard. This is all too much.

I definitely need some help.

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