Classic Coldplay

On Thursday night, Alun and I went on a date night.

I love him so much that to even walk by his side makes me happy, you know. Alun is so handsome, so kind to others and has such a good heart. I love being with him.

On Thursday, Alun had bought tickets to a Candlelight Classical music night where the musicians played well-known “Coldplay” songs. I wasn’t expecting much and it blew me away how AMAZING it was. The classical band – are they called a band? They were amazing. Modern songs in classical music have such a beautiful twist to them. I loved the layering and rich texture of the music. It was incredible. We were there for an hour and honestly, it felt like 10 minutes. Alun and I loved it so much. We went back to our Hotel room (we stayed overnight in the Duxton) and replayed our videos of the night, both so giddy about it.

When I was listening to the music, I had these thoughts:

I felt like the violin was a friend. A friend who knows about sorrow and loss and will listen as you pour your heart out.

I felt like the drums were the sexy guy who catches your eye at a party but never asks for your number.

I felt like the piano…was me. So weird. The centre of the band and the glue that held the group together. I don’t usually think highly of myself so that was a surprsie but yeah…I felt like the piano was the peacemaker, the carer, the “Mom” of the group – whether it be a rock band or a classical orchestra – and it was the best instrument.

Just wanted to share that with you.

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