My dream just might come true

When I was a wee lass, I wanted to be either a Journalist or a Kindergarten teacher. I knew I wanted to be either and I would spend every free minute of my time either setting up a pretend school and rounding up the neighbourhood kids for “lessons” or going around the town of Nhulunbuy with a little notepad and pen and asking “investigative questions” of all the locals.

I think I’ve written all my life. It’s my one saving grace. When Mom and Dad would fight and argue, I’d write. Whenever we moved house (it was A LOT), I’d set everything nicely in my new room and grab a notebook to write about how the move affected me. When I go through the toughest things in my life…and the happiest, I don’t think it’s real until it’s recorded in a book somewhere…and now journals in my life (of which I’ve kept every single one) have been replaced by this blog.

Writing is what makes me…ME.

And now TWO PUBLISHERS have sent book deals.

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Can you believe it??? I couldn’t wipe the grin from my face when they both offered, both wanted to publish my heart on paper for others to read.

I AM AN AUTHOR, you guys!!! A REAL WRITER!!!

I never got to finish my Teaching studies at Uni but I got to be a writer in the end.

I think my dream is going to become a reality and I’m SO EXCITED about it.

My Memoir “The first pancake: overcoming adversity with a hopeful heart” is going to become a beautiful paperback and is going to be stocked in bookstores all over the world.


I’m so bloody excited, guys. I can’t stop smiling about it.

Someone read my verison about my life…and really liked it.

Even if I never get to the publishing stage (Father God, I hope I do), it will be enought that my Memoir made it from the “no” pile to the “send an offer” pile in the office of 2 really well known Publishing companies.

I am so grateful God for this WIN in my life. For this recognition that yes, I can write. I’m actually pretty darn good at it.


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