Catch you up

Hey hey.

OMG the times I’ve wanted to write to you!!! I have had so much to tell you and talk about and now that I finally have the chance, I just want a slice of chocolate mud cake and to be able to do nothing at all.


The bottom dishwasher drawer is open, awaiting loading of dirty dishes. I think maybe having the drawer open will gently nudge me to do some housework. I also have a load of laundry in the washing machine and will feel better once I’ve hung some washing out.

You know how I love love LOVE to waffle, right?

But I have so much to catch you up on that short paragraphs will have to do for now. Bear with me, I’ll try to get back into writing regular “write-ey” blogs again soon. Thank you for reading along this far.

MARRIAGE – All going great guns with Alun and I. I think mostly because he works so much that when we DO see each other and get time together, we treasure it. Alun is loving his job and his happiness seems to make my world a brighter place. A happy husband is a happy life, really.

WORK – I’ve not worked in over 6 weeks. Can you believe it? I would have loved to have rewound time and PURPOSELY TAKEN THIS TIME OFF. Maybe I could have gone to the gym every day instead of fretting and worrying at home instead? It would have been nice to plan it and be healthier and fitter by now…but that’s not how life works, is it? Nope. Instead, I’m fatter than I’ve ever been in my entire damn life. I’m HUUUUUUUGE. So disgusted with myself. Really disgusted. Oh JD. I’ve been swinging wildly between “I’m too unwell to work” and “I need some money” so it’s been really hard to push myself to go to interviews and job search. Whenever I attend interview, I go home and sleep for hours, it really wears me out. I can’t imagine how I’d cope in an actual full time job. God help me.

I interviewed for a tonne of jobs and didn’t hear back from them. Then got accepted to a bunch of jobs on the same day – which I found really overwhelming – and not in a good way. I picked a temp job in Subiaco for a Data Entry Officer (easy work and great pay) which is easy to get to. I was looking forward to a weekly hot chocolate at San Churros after work and I absolutely love the town of Subiaco. I let myself instead get rail-roaded by Jasper at a temp agency in a full time, permanent reception and admin role (loads of stress OMG) in OSBORNE PARK for goodness sakes. This job takes TWO TRAINS and A BUS to get to – with loads of walking in between. Great. I do not want this job. I wish I could rewind back to Friday and stand my ground on that phone call with Jasper. I said “no” to so many other jobs as I committed to this Osborne Park gig…and I’ve felt miserable since.

I talked to my friend Cat about this job anxiety and she said to go in on Monday and tell them after a few hours that I didn’t feel I was the right fit and to call the other temp agency and ask to start the job I actually want on Tuesday. I’m happy with that plan and hoping to execute it without too much trouble after tomorrow. I just hope I haven’t lost the data entry gig. I hope they can still put me in that placement. We’ll see! I may go in on Monday and find I love the new job! That would be a pleasant surprise. I won’t know until I get there.

COURT – We have another ‘final Trial Date’ for Court – on 28th February. Whenever we’ve gone in the past, I’ve come with guns loaded and “Natalie’s” Lawyers have retreated and asked for more time. Again and again. I’m so fed up with this. Whenever we go into Court, “Natalie” throws something new into the mix. In the last Court appearance, “Natalie” got that email from “Micha” (pfft. The email address was SO FAKE) confessing all “her” wrong doings and that it was “her” who got my job contract terminated. Hmm. Interesting how that absolves you of everything there, Natalie. Well done, you complete muppet.

There’s probably loads more to tell you about but I’ve just spent over an hour on the phone with Alun’s Mom and am too tired to write more.

Talk soon xx

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