This is it, then.

I’ve been in hospital almost a week now. I’m fed up. I want to go home.

I’m scared out of my mind, anxious, FURIOUS, exhausted and sick to death of f**king “group therapy” which is a complete f**king waste of time, yet it takes up most of my days.

My “therapist” has only seen me ONCE this week for about 20 very rushed minutes where we just shook hands a lot.

No deal.

I’ve tried it, guys. Tomorrow will be 7 full days. Then I’m off home.

Tempted to go now, really.

I might start packing my things away and just go tonight.

Published by janetdthomas77

I'm the person who will go into a burning building to save everyone. I'm also the person likely to have started the fire by leaving a stupid scented candle unattended or something, know.

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