I’m spent, guys. I can’t go on.

“Basil” fired me unjustly, “Natalie” impersonated me, the Pest control man I hired today to remove dead rats that were fermenting in our ceiling and causing our house (bedroom especially) to smell so bad I want to throw up all the time STOMPED A HOLE THROUGH OUR CEILING and RAN AWAY without taking any responsibility for it…

…and Natalie has REFUSED my restraining order (whyyyy???) so I have to go BACK to Court in 4 weeks – this time Lawyers are required on both sides FFS.

I give up.

I am the victim here and yet I’m the one who lost her job, her self esteem and confidence. I’m the one having to convince ANOTHER JUDGE that Natalie is impersonating me and cost me a job.

I’m so f**king exhausted from all of this that I literally do just want to die.

2 responses to “Suicidal”

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through so much. I’m not the ideal source for uplifting messages — usually just the opposite — but all I can say is that I feel badly for your pain and you tiredness and frustration, and I hope you’re able at least to get some mental rest and recover a bit of strength.

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    1. Thank you so much, Robert xxxx

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