Rising up

Today I had to wait 3 hours in Court to be seen. I was by myself, daunted and afraid and still I pushed through the mounting fear because I wanted to ensure that through a restraining order that “Natalie” couldn’t pretend to be me anymore.

One day I will look back on this and find this hilarious because a wealthy, thin, healthy, able, successful mother of 2 really cute boys WANTED TO BE ME of all people. Haha Natalie. You dickhead.

If only you knew how PAINFUL being me is, you surely would have picked someone else to impersonate.

After all the waiting – with anxiety through the roof – I was quietly ushered into a small courtroom. Wood panelling was everywhere. The Judge sat in a large wooden box about 10 feet up in the air. I had to crane my neck to see him. I felt absolutely tiny.

He asked me what I was there for, I told him I required a restraining order…and the ordeal began.

I explained that Natalie was impersonating me and that because of her identity theft, I had lost a job. I wish I could have told that Judge I also lost a lot of belief in myself. That I didn’t sleep, that I cried for days, that even Alun cried because we were both so overwhelmed by what Natalie (and “BASIL” – you absolute f**king bastard) had put us through over the course of 3-4 days. It was like torture, honestly.

Thankfully, the Policeman we had spoken to yesterday (yes, this was SO SERIOUS that I felt POLICE INVOLVEMENT was neccessary and SO SERIOUS that the Policeman seeing Alun and I agreed) recommended I make TWO COPIES of all the evidence I had compiled against Natalie (and it’s A LOT, believe me) so I was at the Library the moment it opened this morning, making copies of messages “someone” had sent to Bas and copies of what Natalie had sent to me which MATCHED EXACTLY so I could prove that the person literally making my life miserable was this awful girl.

Praise God, the Judge agreed with me (WOOHOOO THANK YOU, GOD!!!) and the restraining order was granted – with a special clause ADDED to ensure Natalie was made aware that she was NOT ALLOWED TO IMPERSONATE ME EVER AGAIN.

Police will take that to her home and serve her in person with that.


Have a bit of the shock, sadness, doubt and fear you’ve served ME with, Natalie. Enjoy it.

BUT! I don’t only want to serve Natalie with a restraining order, I want to SUE her ass. Yep. I want to take her to Civil Court for the grand sum of $10,000.00 for all the misery she caused in my life by pretending to be me.

I lost a job because of her.

I lost faith because of her.

I wasn’t able to eat or sleep for days because of her.

Alun cried because of all the pressure SHE put us under.

So this pain, grief, questioning and wrongful accusation is going to end and it’s not going to be good for you, Natalie. Oh no no no no no.

I also want to SUE BASIL – not the Hospital – HIM PERSONALLY – for firing me without any solid evidence or cause and especially for NOT APOLOGISING when it was clear that I hadn’t done anything wrong.


I’m going to take them BOTH down.

I emailed our Lawyer asking what was involved in suing someone for “defamation of character”, “Identity Fraud/Theft” and “emotional/mental distress”. Maurice is a LEGEND and said he’d ask a colleague and get back to me. I know he will. I can trust him.

While I wait, I’m going to research EVERYTHING to do with CIVIL COURT which is the place that specifically deals with suing a person for defamation of character. I’m going to learn everything I can about it.

And when I know it all? I’M COMING FOR YOU, NATALIE. YOU TOO, BAS.

Buckle up, mutherf**kers.

I’m rising UP and I’m going to take you both DOWN.

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