Jesus had a Dad pass away, too

Like me, Jesus had a Step Dad who He must have loved a lot. A Dad who taught Him to speak, act, dress…maybe the guy who taught Jesus to be a carpenter.

I wonder if Joseph told Jesus stories at bedtime, hugged him when Jesus fell and scraped his knee or cheered Jesus on when he kicked a ball around with His friends…I wonder if they played ball games all those thousands of years ago in Jerusalem? I love the thought of Jesus as a young boy. A boy that laughed, cried, maybe complained? Actually no, I can’t imagine Jesus complaining, bless him. He was probably the best behaved little boy ever.

But like me, Jesus had a Dad and at some point, Joseph must have died…so this heart wrenching grief I’m experiencing at losing my Dad…Jesus went through it too.

I find comfort in that.

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