Money, money, money

God comes through for me every single time when it comes to financial need. I have been in the lowest points of my life and have been hungry and homeless…but even then, God came through where I was able to afford a box of cookies or a packet of dried noodles. I ate them just like that, you know – dried noodles. I think they must swell up in my tummy once I’ve eaten them because it made me thirsty but also gave a wonderful feeling of ‘fullness’ and I praise God for that.

As I’ve worked, God has blessed with with high pay rates and plenty of opportunities to save and invest my money towards good things that will help grow it in the future.

I don’t use those opportunities, though. I haven’t saved a single CENT in all my 44 years of life.

That’s appalling, hey?

I am a self proclaimed money WASTER, guys. I’m the worst kind of person to give money to because I’ll mostly likely spend it on food or flowers from a florist…and both just disappear. There is nothing left to show for my money. Maybe just happy smiles and thankful Facebook Posts from friends I’ve sent flowers to.

I don’t learn. I keep spending my money as if I’m a millionaire when I am far from anything like that.

But today, I wanted to write to you about husbands and sharing.

My first husband was funny about money. He didn’t like sharing it. He grumbled about it and found it hard to part with money. I guess I picked up on that and started to feel the same – wondering how to share money when he was so obviously against it.

My 2nd husband – love of my life, Alun – LOVES to share. He’s generous and gives money happily to all his friends and family and especially with me. Alun is amazing at saving and making wise financial choices, but he also sends me big amounts of money “just because” and rejoices in blessing me financially. This is also influencing my view on money and now that I have a HUGE-ASS tax return, the most easy thing ever was sending Alun half.

I did struggle for a few minutes before posting this blog…looking at the $4K in my account and thinking of all the beautiful things I could buy with it. It doesn’t seem as exciting once HALF is gone…but you know what? I am so blessed to have anything at all.

Father God, thank you for this amazing money in my account. Thank you that I can put $500.00 away (now and continue to add to it each week that I get paid) to inevitably save my Mom when she runs out. Thank you that I can pay off all my debts right now and be debt free. Thank you for my husband who will never ask for it but will be quietly blessed by me sending him half.

I love you, Lord. I will send you 10% of what I have. You are my whole world.


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  1. check out the song emotion detector from rush a dude band. but neil nailed it too much too little money is a tool so spend if you desire and stoke that temporal fire.

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