Stuffing grief down to my feet

…doesn’t work, guys. It just does NOT work.

I am trying to go to work – full 8 hour days at the office (Praise God, I’m in a really great job with very little responsibility or I would have fallen apart ages ago) and be ‘normal’ while inside I’m crumbling and hurting over my Dad’s death.

Trying to pretend the constant pain isn’t there is exhausting and I honestly just want to sleep for a week. I’m so tired. Getting out of bed each morning is getting harder and harder. The weight of carrying this grief in my heart without expressing it is getting too much to bear.

It’s Tuesday now. I just need to keep going until 4pm Friday.

Then I’ve promised myself I can rest.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych

JD. YOU NEED TO STICK TO THIS PROMISE because if you don’t, you’ll end up on a psych ward.

I really need some rest, guys.

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