When it’s darkest…set off fireworks

I had a really great time taking myself on a date today. I took myself to see “The Heights” in Platinum Class at Premier Movies in the city. I loved it! In the movie, a Domenican Rebuplic section of the Bronx all loses their power. I guess they’re all lower class citizens and they are all amazing. All so beautiful, passionate, strong, filled with hopes and dreams.

When they lose power – they sing about being “powerless” and they set of fireworks and light candles…and they dance.

The darkness brings out the best time to shine

That’s so beautiful and really touched my heart.

To me, it said when things are the worst – look for the joy…and if you can’t find it, then make it.

Shine bright – like fireworks on a dark night.

It also showed me how darkness is important because it’s in the darkness that families, friends and communities come together. That’s so important.

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