This is painful, Lord.

Losing my Dad is the most painful thing I have ever experienced

And it’s ongoing.

That’s the kicker.

It doesn’t end.

It shows you NO hope of letting up.

My Dad 😭

My Dad is gone.

Losing my Dad is like losing the marrow from my very bones.

Losing Dad is like losing the ability to hear. Or sing. Or feel. Or laugh.

All I’m left with is loss.




Of loss.

I can’t

Lord, I cannot bear the weight of this all-consuming grief


Please bring my Dad back.

3 responses to “Hurting”

  1. I truly hope that writing about this is helping you so much already…

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    1. It’s really cathartic, praise God. Thank you for reading out to me and commenting, it means a lot xx

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  2. Wish i could take away your pain cos I know how much it hurts. Life is so hard, i think sometimes.

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