Speak to me in the language of love

I don’t mean that romantically, by the way.

I really believe everyone has 1 or more of these love languages:

Words: being spoken to, written to lovingly – the opposite – being talked to harshly, told off, yelled at or written to in harsh words can break your heart

Touch: Being held, touched, gentle squeeze of your hand etc…very nice. The opposite – absolutely horrible.

Time: Spending time together with the ones you love. If this is your love language, you like doing activities (cycling, picnics, camping, hiking etc) with the people you love most.

Gifts: Giving or receiving gifts is something that just makes your day.

Acts of service: If you’re in pain/upset/struggling and someone comes by to do the dishes for you, tidy around you, sends you pizza so you don’t have to cook dinner, folds your laundry – you are in heaven and this is what you do for others if you think they need some encouragement/love

Mine is words. So when I’m down, if you text, email, write me a letter (OMG I love getting letters) message me or call me – then my heart just lights up.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

My best friend Christabel knows this so for the last few weeks, she’s been sending me texts of encouragement “so many people love you” “you can do this” Love you so much” and those texts…omg you guys, they are like lit-up fireworks in my soul. They’re like the floating, blinking bouys when you’re lost at sea. They’re amazing. Christabel is speaking to me in a language I totally understand and I LOVE IT.

Alun does the same and when I’m down, he writes me little notes – one each day – to take to work. He hides little notes in the lunch he packs for me or uses them as bookmarks in books I’m reading at the time. I LOVE IT!!!

So…if someone you love looks like they need some encouragement or you just want to show someone you care “just because”, then find out what their “love language” is and speak to them.

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