Life in the world of Janet #4695


I’m temping at the Children’s Hospital as a “Covid Screener”. I get stationed at one of the many entry points and I have to ask any and all visitors to “please sign in using the SafeWA App” and if they’ve got any illnesses or have been “over East” in the last week or so.

Thankfully, most parents are patient and answer my questions. This is week 3 of my job so I know the Hospital fairly well and can usually point lost visitors in the right direction as well as help out parents with ideas for bored children.

I love seeing the little ones and whenever a child gives a shy smile, waves or chirps “Helloooh”, my heart lights up. Children are so precious. I forgot how much I love being around them.

I get paid $32 an hour which is well earned when I’m “on the floor” (look at me go, sounding like a Nurse! Haha) and having to screen dozens of people non-stop for 6 hours. I usually get home and just crash! But on rare days like today when I’m on a Ward (I sit alone in the large window area) and do basically NOTHING, it feels like I’m doing a dream job 🙂 I get to read and have cups of tea…and get paid more per hour than I did when I was doing 3 roles in the office and racing around stressed out. I’m pretty blessed.

Things with Alun and I are mended and going well. We’ve still not had sex (arrghhhh!!!) but I’m patiently waiting that one out and just loving Alun through this. I hope this “phase” doesn’t last long. We talk and laugh every day and this week, Alun brought me pink roses. He’s trying so I appreciate it and do my best to try, too.

Job-wise, I interviewed for an Administration job at Main Roads early last week. At first I was told I didn’t get it, but then the Agency rang and said I got the job after all. Alun suspects (I think he’s right) the person who got the initial offer turned it down and then they had to call me and offer it to me.

I’m 2nd best.

I feel like I’m starting this new role on a back foot – it’s in my mind that I’m not the person they really wanted.

They want me to start on Tuesday or Wednesday so I get tomorrow (Monday) as an extra day off and I’m looking forward to having a day to write my Memoir.

I’ll go into the new job and do my best. Hopefully my hard work and awesome writing skills will impress them and maybe they’ll be glad I got the job after all.

We’ll see xx

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