My Alun

I must have done something very, very good in my life because God blessed me with the best person I know:


He’s my favourite.

Today I thought I’d write about him and why I love him so much.

Alun is pure joy. He’s happy all the time – even when he’s sleeping, he’ll chuckle or be smiling at something in his dreams. Alun’s genuinely nice to all people and animals. If he sees an animal, the first thing he wants to do is care for it “do you want some water, little buddy?”. On his ‘breaks’ at the hospital, Alun sits in the same spot outside the beautiful Catholic Cathedral. A little willy wagtail (tiny black bird that has a big tail and likes to shake it a lot – google it) has befriended him, recognises Alun when he sits on the grass and often will fly down and perch on the end of Alun’s sneaker, ‘hanging out’ with him for the short time Al has a rest. Isn’t that the cutest thing? He doesn’t say much about it, but Al has a soft spot for the elderly. He really loves them. He listens to them and understands them on a whole ‘nother level and I really love that about him.

It blesses my heart more than I can explain to be married to someone who is fundamentally kind.

Alun is cheeky. The minute anyone tells him “you can’t”, his eyes flash and he’ll be figuring out how to prove them wrong with a grin on his face. I’ve witnessed Alun just ‘turn up’ (no training) to a MARATHON and run it without giving up even though it is something a lot of people train their whole lives for. Alun had it in his mind that he wanted to do it, so he did. I’m inspired by Alun because he’s determined to do what everyone else says he can’t.

Al revels in doing the impossible.

Alun’s heart is focused on his mates. Oh my word, that man loves his friends. His favourite memories are always of his friends (usually up to mischief before, during or after a Rugby game) and whenever we talk about what we’ll do if we ever win a huge amount of money, Alun’s first plans are to make sure all his friends are provided for “gotta make sure the lads are okay”. He’s at his best when he’s surrounded by his friends. Alun is a natural friend maker. He’s caring, quiet, understanding, patient and sweet so people naturally open up to him. They feel immediately comfortable with him and the best thing is, Alun remembers everything about them so that the next time they meet, Alun is lovingly checking on them “How did you go with your parents? Do you like your new car? What’s your job like?’ and so on. I can see on their faces they are surprised at first, then really pleased that Alun remembered and then really blessed that he truly cares. People open up to Alun. They trust him with their secrets and they value his opinion.

I also think that once Alun has taken you into his heart “as a pal”, then that’s where you’ll always live. He’ll never leave or betray you. He’ll never let you down.

Alun’s careful, thoughtful, wise and really, really smart. He comes up with loads of creative solutions to things and he’ll always surprise me by thinking of things I would never imagine would work and yet they do. Alun’s inventive. He is always talking about new ways to do things, machines/technology he’s thought of to help people do things better/faster and they’re always something to help someone – usually someone injured. I think Alun would be awesome working on a research team for people with missing limbs – he’d make them some great alternatives.

He loves daggy, stupid songs with a good beat, he loves to dance. Alun loves singing. He loves creating noise. Alun is an amazing chef. He blows off a lot of suppressed stress/steam when he hangs out in the kitchen and makes something. Al usually cooks ‘freestyle’ but when a recipe turns out really well, he marks it all down in a little purple scrapbook he keeps in the top kitchen cupboards.

Purple is another thing! Alun says his favourite colour is grey but he chooses everything in purple.

Alun has to have it dark and almost silent to sleep – but can fall asleep with the TV blaring in the middle of the night, too. Haha.

He always wears one sock inside-out because it brings him luck.

Al’s thoughtfulness floors me. He notices everything and thinks of everything. In my case, I’m probably the most blessed girl on the planet because I have a husband who puts me first all the time. Alun surprises me with gifts, writes me notes, makes sure I take my medication (I’m terrible for forgetting it), encourages me on bad cheers and spurs me on in the good days. He remembers my favourite clothes, food, movies, songs – and when a situation arises where he can use that knowledge to bless me, he does. He’ll turn up my favourite songs on the radio before I’ve even noticed they’re on. The clothing in stores that I gently touch as I pass and happily sigh at – and don’t buy because I can’t afford it – will make a reappearance in our home shortly after because Alun went back to buy it for me. Alun brings me home cakes from work because he knows I love them. When it was likely that I’d have to stay in hospital overnight a few weeks ago because of my embolism, Alun packed a hospital bag for me with all my favourite things – and I didn’t even have to ask. That’s how special he is.

He’s awesome.

Alun’s also – in my opinion – the MOST GORGEOUS man I’ve ever seen.  With his full head of dark hair, big brown eyes that are warm like honey, long thick eyelashes – and cheekly ‘little boy’ face; he looks like he’s in his early thirties, honestly. This man does not age!!! Alun’s smile – omg…it makes me weak at the knees. It’s amazing. He has a gorgeous voice and loves to sing, God bless him. Alun’s laugh is the BEST sound I’ve ever heard and head-to-toe, I swear that man is handsome. That boy could bring peace to the Middle East with his good looks.

Just yes. So much yes.

Don’t get me wrong, Alun is not perfect.

Alun’s a lot like a little kid and when he’s tipsy – his alter-ego “Virgil” creates a lot of problems because then he thinks he’s invincible and this always ends up with a hospital visit. Al drives me nuts because he’s loud and giddy. He gets super excited about things when I just want some peace and quiet. He runs around the house giggling. When I have to sleep because I have work the next day and Alun doesn’t – he’ll repeatedly ‘visit’ me by clambering up onto the bed and singing to me. Or he’ll already be laughing at something he saw/read on Facebook and wake me up to share it “Gorg! Look at this! Haha”. I can’t tell you the amount of days I’ve been yawning all morning at work because a giddy “Virgil” has kept me up all night. That boy drives me mad.

Alun is SUPER STUBBORN, too. I’ve never seen anyone dig his heels in and REFUSE to move an inch the way my husband does. Once it’s in his head that something just IS, then it IS – no matter how much I try to argue. And believe me, I can argue – but Alun holds steadfast and I’ll either give up because I’m worn out with arguing or – and this is what happens most often – Alun will distract me by doing or saying something stupid – and we’ll be holding our tummies and crying laughing – forgetting what we were disagreeing on in no time.

More than anything, though – I feel safe with Alun. Loved. Treasured. Cherished, even. When I talk to him, I feel like Alun really listens. He cares about me. Alun loves me. I know, because I can feel it in my bones. I feel like I’ve won a million dollars when I make Alun laugh because it’s the best sound ever and he’s the first person that comes to mind whenever I’m really happy, or frightened, stressed, anxious, giddy, excited, elated – anything. My first thought is “I can’t wait to tell Alun” because I know he’ll care so much and have the right response to everything. If I’m angry, Alun will be furious and want to burn down the person/building they live in that’s angered me. If I’m hurt, Alun will hold me close and swear on his life he’ll fix the ache in my heart. When I’m excited, Alun will either calm me down “Shhh Gorg” so I don’t get over excited and ruin it or he’ll egg me on “Yes, Gorg! Haha! Do it!” and before we know it, we’re side by side in some crazy adventure.

Alun’s the first person in my life I can be truly 100% Janet with. If I told Alun I’d killed someone, he’d nod and get a shovel. If I told Alun I’d won a prize, he’d hug me and say “Well done, you!”

Alun isn’t perfect, but he’s perfect for me and I couldn’t be more thankful to God for him in my life.

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