So today consisted of:

8:30am – awake. Not because I want to be, but because Alun has licked his finger and put it in my ear.

“Morning, Gorg! Margaret river todaaayyyy!” he sings.


9:00am – help Alun load cases and bags of food (mostly of beers) into the car boot.
Because Alun is taking his parents 5 hour’s drive away for 3 whole days.


*happy dance*

9:05am – realise Alun is going away from me. Panic.

9:10am – refuse to let go of Alun who is chuckling and trying to get my arms off his waist

9:15am – tearfully wave goodbye as Al and his parents reverse from the driveway. Convinced – 100% – that I will never see him again, somehow.

9:30am – back to bed.

Blissful, wonderful, peaceful sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep.

11:00am – leave home to go to a Doctor’s appointment.

11:20am – In the waiting room, anxious as hell and wishing I was home. Leaving the comfort of a now guest-free (hooray!) house is really, really hard.

11:35am – Leaving the Doctor’s clinic and wiping away tears as I clutch a week’s medical certificate. The Doctor I saw was new, I’ve not seen him before. He asked why I needed to see him, I burst into hysterical tears. He said I was suffering ‘burn out’ and ‘excessive stress’ and recommended ‘bed rest’ for the whole week.


11:50am – meet with my dear friend Cat for ‘breakfast’. Order blueberry pancakes. They are awful and dry – as if they were cooked a week ago and have been re-heated in a sandwich press. Eat them anyway. Enjoy Cat’s giggle and love the feeling of sitting across the table from my friend.

12:30pm – Honestly admit to Cat I am struggling being away from home and that my eyes are heavy and I need more sleep. Cat understands immediately and insists on driving me home.

12:45pm – Get back into bed.


4:30pm – Wake up. Potter about the house in my pjs. Enjoy the SILENCE and the knowledge that Alun’s parents are not walking around, touching everything and muttering away in Welsh.


5:00pm – Talk on the phone to Claudie – saying anything and everything I want to – because there are no office gossips waiting to take me down, Alun isn’t about so I don’t have to worry I’ll worry and stress him out and his parents are nowhere to be seen so I can complain about how much I miss the space and quiet at home and IT IS WONDERFUL to be able to talk so freely.

5:30pm – Water the garden in my pjs. Realise I am smiling. I haven’t smiled in so long. This feels great.

6:00pm – Talk online with a few mates.

7:00pm – Talk online with Marc and ignore all other messages because let’s face it, he’s my favourite. He is unwell so I worry about him. Even so, his cheeky sarcasm comes out and when he complains the same way Alun does about my friend Genevieve and how bossy she is when I post on Facebook about anything environment/food related, I laugh.

I haven’t laughed in what feels like so long.

Now, one of my favourite shows is on telly. I’ve poured myself another pint of coke (don’t tell Genevieve) and will heat up the pizza Alun made me (bless him) for dinner.

Then you know what? I will probably sleep. AGAIN.

All night. In my own home with NO GUESTS.

I love this, you guys. I love this.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto

#ThankyouGod #Blessed

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