The balance

The other side of my messy blogs of late…is that I’m doing great.

I love my job. I earn a small fortune every week ($800 – probably not loads to you, but to me, omg I feel like a millionaire) and I’m continuing to lose weight. I love my PT sessions. I love Yoga. My yoga instructor is now a friend and she always encourages me and lifts me up on facebook 🙂 so good!

I love that I feel more comfortable in my own skin. I’m still overweight…but because I’m a size 12 now and not a 16…I’m feeling pretty great. 2 dress sizes and 20kgs to go.

I can do this!

I’m living a really happy life.

Alun and I love our new house. Our first real home together. We love the jarrah floorboards, the French doors, the pretty bay windows in both bedrooms that open up in the old-fashioned way. We love that our home has two of everything – 2 living rooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms. It sounds massive but it’s not. It’s just right. We moved in with our old second-hand furniture and little by little, we’re planning on getting new things. A new bed and a new sofa to start with. I’d like to get new outdoor furniture. I’m basket-obsessed so I want to fill the house with wicker!!!

I’ve started already, you know. I got 8 gorgeous wicker chairs from facebook – for freeeee! They look SO BEAUTIFUL and are the right fit for the ‘Asian Fusion/Bali Chic’ look I want for our home. So good.

Friends-wise, I’m doing really great (thank you, God). I’m surrounded by really, really good people. I have such good friends around me. I think in my new job, I have lunch with a different friend every day. It’s been that way for months and I’m “booked out” months in advance, too. Okay…not really months – but for the next 3 weeks, defo 🙂 I love that! I love spending time with good friends. I’m able to call Christabel whenever I get a spare moment (we’re both so incredibly busy right now) and whenever I want to hang out with someone, I just send a quick text “Hey, wanna hang out?”, wait a few moments and get a text back “Sure thing – when? where?”

I’m hoping to try a new restaurant with my friend Ima – it’s called ‘tbsp’ (short for tablespoon I think?) in Bayswater. The food looks amazing. I also want to try the new dessert bar in Mt Lawley called “measure” with a good friend. My friend Kristy went there with her mates and said it was amazing. It touched my heart because she texted me from there as she was eating – she was so excited and HAD to tell me all about it. Too cute.

Our little garden is also going really well. I just now bought some big ‘raised garden bed’ box things and am having them delivered tomorrow at 6pm. Now to get hold of TONNES (maybe literally?) of rich, nutritious soil for the plants to grow in. I ordered 2 ‘beds’ – I’m hoping to put all herbs in one and all vegetables in the other. I’ll find out (God bless ‘pinterest’) which plants grow well together and then stick a bunch of marigolds in too, to hopefully ward off any pests. Woo! I’m so excited. I love gardening and I love most of all that plants can be put into permanent ‘beds’ rather than putting pots all over the place. Our garden has ‘grown’ of late and now Alun and are grow these:

Cos Lettuce
Red, leafy, ruffled lettuce (no idea what it’s called)
Blood oranges
Spring Onions

And these herbs:

Basil – two different types. The ‘lemon’ basil smells amazing
Lemon Thyme (also smells sooo good!)


I’m sure we had more than that…seems like too short a list for all the harvesting we do.

Anyway. It is all growing really well and I think I’m eating a lot healthier because of what we grow in the garden. I dont know…it all seems to taste better from our garden than it does from the stores.

(Maybe I’m a little biased about it).

Alun and I are growing closer every day. I think because we both work long hours; when we’re together there is nothing but love and laughter. He’s honestly my favourite person in the world and I’m so happy we’re sharing a new home together.

So yeah.

That’s the other side of my crazy life – the side where pretty much everything is as it should be.

I’m happy.
I’m whole.
I’m blessed.
I’m loved.

Thank you, Father God xx

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