Sweaty palms

My prayer for me:

That my palms wont be sweaty tomorrow – so I can hold your hand
That God gives me wisdom to answer you with, so I can give you solid advice
That I don’t just listen to you – but that I can read between the lines and really hear you when you speak
That I can be a good friend to you in all the best ways.
I pray I remain silent and just let you talk.

My prayer for you:

That God will comfort your heart
That God will surround you with peace, blessing, favour and success in everything and anything you want to do
That God will place in on the hearts of those you love most to text you, call you, invite you out for a meal or even just to go to your home and quietly sit with you if that’s what you need and want most
I pray God gives you a way out of the pain you’re experiencing and guides your steps and your decisions
I pray you don’t give up – because you’re worth diamonds and are so loved by those honoured enough to have you in their lives.

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