Why I love Alun

First of all, let me tell you he drives me crazy. He drives me freakin’ nuts! He takes my frayed nerves and joyfully shakes them with all his might at the worst of times.

But he always does it with a ‘cheeky chappy’ grin.

So I cant stay mad for long.

We fight sometimes. We get on each other’s nerves. We have times where we shake our heads at each other and think “omg you are such an idiot”…our relationship isnt perfect.

But we have more times where we laugh until our tummies hurt. We dance together in the kitchen. We always cuddle on the sofa every evening. We change positions, but we’re always entwined somehow. We hold hands. We get each other’s sense of humour and like the same songs/bands. We stay in contact with each other and talk throughout the day every day. It’s not stifling or clingy – it’s brief but really nice because we’re connected.

I’d say our relationship is 40% shared joy/happiness 5% challenging 10% arguing/fighting/disagreeing/getting frustrated and 45% romance/being crazy about each other.

Right now while I’m blogging, I can see his handsome face at the living room window. He’s outside while the sun is setting cleaning oven trays and racks for a friend at Uni who almost ‘burnt down’ her entire oven. He’s been at Uni doing exams today, then home studying – now he’s outside at a cost to himself (and free of charge for Holly, of course) because that’s the type of guy he is.

Alun’s very core is thoughtful. He will do anything for someone he loves.

Because deep down, he’s a really good guy. He loves with all his heart. I think Alun enjoys Uni more for the friends he’s made than for the Nursing degree. There isn’t any place we go – no matter how far or random or new where Alun isn’t “someone’s mate”. He holds doors open for old ladies, he chats over the fence to our neighbours, he waves hello to everyone when we’re doing our grocery shopping, he knows “all the old boys” at any pub you could ever think of and he has never said a bad word about anyone. Even people who clearly deserve it. At most, he’ll frown and say “Not my cup of tea” but that frown is always replaced by a grin and a wink and a happy distraction of some kind.

Alun still buys me flowers. He puts out my toothbrush and toothpaste on the edge of the bathroom sink for me if he leaves the house before I do in the morning. I know it’s a little thing, but it makes me smile every time. If Alun is going to be home after me, he leaves me little notes – normally on the fridge door or inside the fridge because he’s cooked me a meal to ‘easily heat up’ so I dont have to worry later. He worries I’ll ‘just eat cookies’ instead if there’s not a healthy meal prepared. (I hate that he’s right about that). When Jay lived with us, Alun made Jay ‘his own drawer/level’ in the fridge and bought all the things he knows Jay loves and would leave us both little notes in the morning. He did the same when Wix lived with us for about 6 weeks. He’d write “love you both – but obvs Janet more” and make me smile because even though he clearly adores Wix, I always knew I came first.

When I’m sad, Alun leaves me notes of encouragement in my laptop. I flip the lid open to blog/check facebook and there is always a little note on a torn bit of paper reminding me that I’m loved with a daggy joke or silly picture Alun’s drawn on it. I keep every one in my ‘treasure box’.

When I’m low on money, I try to hide it but Alun notices. He puts money in my purse when I dont know it/aren’t looking. I’ll go to pay the bus driver one day and notice that instead of $2.00 in the ‘loose change’ part of my purse there’s a generous $50 bill and a little hand-written note saying “Dont sweat it, what’s mine is yours – I love you, Al xxx”. I keep all those notes too. In my purse πŸ™‚ when I’m cross with Alun for volunteering us for yet another guest or another pet (argh!) I’ll find one of his notes in my purse or by my bedside and I’ll remember he’s been there for me when I needed it and to go a little easier on him.

Alun dances to every sound. It doesn’t have to be actual music (although he loves that and has a million ‘favourite songs’)…it can be anything – people humming, the washing machine – anything. He’ll smile and wiggle his hips and it’s really cute.

When Alun’s especially happy – he sings. I dont want to tell him because I dont like that he obviously doesnt like my singing at all – but he’s got a great voice. Its tuneful (which is always nice), but there is such a joyous, pure, almost child-like quality about it that makes me smile. Alun never sings quietly – he  always sings at full volume and you can hear the smile in his voice as he does it even if you’re in a different room, you can tell his lips are in a glorious smile and that he’s having a great time.

It’s annoying at times, but Alun’s always happy. His happiness just has different stages/ranges – but generally, he’s happy nonetheless. He smiles in his sleep and sometimes even wakes himself up by laughing. Its really cute πŸ™‚ Last week, Alun woke up in the middle of the night. He sat up in bed and because I’m a light sleeper (grr) the movement woke me. Al looked at me, smiled and said “OMG Janet, I’m having the BEST time sleeping – I cant wait to get back to that dream! Yay!” and slumped down – snoring again in minutes.

Weirdo πŸ™‚

Whenever we have a guest over, Alun disappears into the kitchen and he then becomes McGyver. You know how McGyver would be locked in a shed with a banana and some pieces of wood and you’d think ‘the bad guys really got him this time’ but then somehow he’d escape in a banana/wood helicopter where he’d made a motor out of his watch battery and shoelaces? Alun’s like that with food. We can have half a loaf of bread, some butter and some other odd bits in the fridge and he’ll emerge with a tasting plate of cheese balls, meat cut into wafer thin slices, he’ll have toasted the bread to perfection and found some special dip and placed some grapes and berries on the side (that he’s picked from a nearby garden or something – he’s just magical and I can never figure it out).

I like seeing Alun playing with children. He’s always their favourite and is so much fun to be with. He thinks of really fun games, never tires or gets bored/annoyed with children and always makes them giggle by dancing (again with the dancing) or pulling faces or running around with them. Children adore him. So do people’s pets. GRR.

Alun always sits on the ‘uncomfortable chair’ and offers guests ‘the best seat’. He always has time for people. Whenever he greets my friends, he hugs them tight and kisses their cheek. Even if he’s only meeting them for the first time. Al’s heartfelt, honest, lovely and wonderfully tactile greeting is always received with surprise but is then followed one of those ‘sigh and breathe’ moments with a smile and a “oh my gosh Janet – I love him” glance at me/raised eyebrows look of appreciation. Every time.

Alun holds my hand when we’re walking and is never ashamed to be seen with me.

It’s been 2 years since we went on our first date but he still kisses me the way he did the first time. To this day, it gives me butterflies in my stomach. I like that he touches my cheek when he kisses me or runs his hand through my hair.

Al protects me. If someone dodgy is coming towards us, Alun pulls me behind him and puffs out his chest. Its a very subtle movement, but I notice and it makes me feel safe.

Al’s always proud of me and tells everyone whatever ‘great thing’ I’ve done lately – even if its just that I’ve cleaned the house (he leaves out the part where I don’t have a job so I had time to clean) – he’s always grateful and proud and really encouraging.

Alun wears his heart on his sleeve and doesn’t often hide his emotions. He cries at sad parts in movies. He cries if he remembers his best friend Paul. He cried at the airport when his parents left last year (I held in the rejoicing, you’d be so proud of me). He cried for hours when Wix announced she was leaving for New Zealand. He loves Wix to bits and was almost inconsolable when she left.

Alun’s best friends right now are boys he met and took into his heart when he was about 6 years old. When he calls you his “mate”, he means it with every fibre of his being and he hangs onto his friends with both hands and all his soul.

When Alun talks to me – or to anyone – he gives me all his attention. He doesn’t text on his phone or try to watch the tv ‘around me’ – he looks at me. He nods. He asks questions. If he doesn’t want to listen (because the Rugby or an interesting Medical show is on) he’s honest “Janet – I really want to watch this – can what you’re on about wait or do you need me to listen?”

Most times, it can wait. I’m rewarded with undivided attention and extra cuddles after a Rugby game or hospital show.

Alun always wears one sock inside-out. He went on a camping trip with his class when he was younger and they all left their bags/stuff in the bus while they went exploring. When they got back, they’d been robbed. Everyone – but Alun. He decided it was because that morning he’d put his socks on and one was inside-out. He shrugged and thought “Cant be bothered changing it – I’ll just leave it” and thinks that the inside-out sock was actually a form of good luck and protection so always has an inside-out sock on. I love how daggy and sweet that is.

Probably another little thing, but Alun always returns texts and phonecalls. Always. Even if its after an argument and he’d probably rather not speak with me for a little while – he still answers his phone to me.

Alun’s loyal, sweet, thoughtful, challenging, impulsive, giddy, happy, annoying, infuriating, gorgeous, sexy, wonderful, incorageable, loveable, friendly, kind, considerate, loving…he’s everything I could ever wish for and more.

That’s why I love him xx

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