I am someone who…

The microwave that Alun’s boss donated to us did a very strange thing today – it started affirming who it was and what it’s role was…really randomly.

I think the power had cut out – so the microwave screen flashed; and the time Alun had programmed in when we first plugged it in went missing. All that was left was the two dots “:” that flash by themselves. Then, out of nowhere, the microwave started to reaffirm itself “Microwave, 700 watts, super heating, super fast, amazing range of heat settings…” and ended with it’s title (sorry, no idea what make or model it is and  I’m too lazy to get up and go have a look at it so I’ll make one up, ok?) “Sanyo 2000”.

The MICROWAVE knows what it is and knows its purpose.

How pathetic am I that I am jealous of the microwave???

So, here goes: (and…these arent in any ‘correct’ order so please just bear with me if it seems superficial until the end when I’ve obviously had time to think more deeply about my responses)

I am someone who:

* would much rather laugh than cry
* gets anxious and very uncomfortable when someone starts to gossip
* loves a great Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks movie. They are full of dreams, hopes and characters that are kind to each other.
* doesnt think she’s too old to build a sandcastle
* measures myself ultimately by the company I choose to keep and the effect I have in their lives
* still listens out for sleigh bells on Christmas eve (Yup. 34 years old, a Christian and still believes in Santa – the point where if he came into the house one day – I wouldnt be surprised, I’d just offer him some cookies)
* is uncomfortable with swearing so that in the times I do, my throat closes up and I end up squeaking out the terrible word
* Loves with all her heart. I dont hold anything back. When I say I love you, I mean it – 100%
* gets annoyed with people who ‘stroll’ when I’m very busy
* will ALWAYS find time to play with a child. ALWAYS.
* will step around ants on the pavement so I dont hurt them
* follows butterflies because they’re so pretty – like flowers that float about 🙂
* tries to learn from past mistakes but sometimes I have to be really hurt/changed by it so have really learnt anything of value
* would prefer sweet to savoury at first choice…but still really loves salty things
* Loves God and wants to follow Him but gets easily distracted
* cares too much about what stupid people think
* can easily and often remember my failures, faults and mistakes but will have definite trouble coming up with anything positive to say about myself if asked
* sees ‘signs’ in the mundane
* always hopes for the best
* genuinely seeks something to treasure in everyone I meet/encounter/have in my life
* (wrongly) holds grudges and finds it hard at times to forgive – to really forgive.
* gets excited in movies when the hero does something lovely and always smiles and gets a feathery/warm feeling in her chest when it ends happily
* will hold your hand and your heart if you need me to
* will take your call at 3am if you need me to
* will offer to carry someone’s shopping but will also laugh if their bag breaks the apples make a run for it on the pavement
* adores my UK Youth. Seriously. I’m so proud of each and every one of them
* treasures my friends and would prefer them to billions of dollars every day of the week and twice on a Sunday
* keeps treasured letters/cards/notes/etc in boxes and gets them all out and reads them through tears when I’m particularly down and need reminding that people love me
* squeals with delight. Often and very loudly.
* does stupid dances because it makes the people I care for laugh
* has been told could make a great career in being a stand-up comedian
* enjoys my own humour very much (see above – hahahahaha!)
* in all honesty, hates every part of me and is thankful God lives in my heart so that at least I can point to something and say “it is good” when I have to closely look at myself
* likes that I have qualities from both my parents
* hates that I have depression. SO.OVER.IT
* always feels like I’m very rarely ill but hears the people I love say “Janet, you’re always sick” so is a bit puzzled by that, to be honest.
* has crushes (?) on Katie Holmes, Thandie Newton and Gweneth Paltrow. They are PHIT.
* gets competitive against the microwave and sees nothing weird or odd about that.

I wont go on because you’re probably bored enough already.

I’m off to bed now and hope I dont snore so Alun can get a good night’s sleep.


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