Bruno Mars…wuss :)


I had so much fun today. When I woke up, I sang to Alun until he groaned and got ready for work. I took my phone into the shower with me and sang happily to “owl city” while I lathered shampoo into my hair.

The day was absolutely stunning and I was so excited to be a part of it.

Amy (my neighbour and quickly becoming a dear friend) popped over this morning for high tea. We don’t actually have “high tea” in that we don’t have fancy sandwiches or cute little posh cakes or lovely porcelain teacups…we just have normal cups of tea in cheap, big mugs…but we sit on the bar stools in the kitchen and raise them up really high 🙂

I really adore our neighbours. Al and I are really blessed.

It’s just lucky that G texted “see you in an hour” at 11:00am because I’d gotten distracted and was in a deep heart-to-heart with Amy in the laundry. Amy and Troy don’t have a washing machine, so Al and I have given them the keys to our house and they come and do their laundry while we’re out. Amy often comes over and we have tea and chat while we wait for her laundry cycle to finish. Because I’d gotten distracted, I hugged Amy tight and ran off to catch the bus to town.

I really love the hour-long train journey to Mandurah. So much of it is along Swan River (what I think of as “the seaside”) and I loved listening to favourite songs in my phone as I travelled along. The sun was shining, today’s weather was perfect and I felt so comfortable and happy.

My stomach was filled with butterflies. This was unusual. I prayed about it and they subsided but it is definitely something to ponder on at some other time.


As I was getting off the train, I spotted G’s lanky, wonderful frame coming towards me in blue jeans and a grey jumper. I swear he gets taller and thinner every time I see him. We embraced warmly and set out for our day together.

Because I know every experience with G is an adventure; this time – I came prepared. If we were bike-riding or kayaking or sky-diving…I was ready. I wore comfortable leggings, a t-shirt and a loose grey cardigan. My “Gracie jumper” that I absolutely love. I also wore socks and comfortable shoes. No dresses or high heels – clothing and shoes I could ‘tumble’ in if need be 🙂

Thankfully though, we went on a walking tour around Mandurah’s beautiful “Vienna-style” seaside gloriousness. No bikes or boats or horses – just the two of us, our stable legs and big smiles.

I think I smiled so much in G’s wonderful company that my cheeks hurt even as I type this.

G walks with natural confidence and ease. He’s nice to everyone. He’s charming and is a genuinely caring, thoughtful, wonderful person. I can breathe around him and we have so much fun together. We have ever since the day we met.

Today we walked along the boardwalk in gorgeous Mandurah. G had this crazy idea that we should both be tourists. We named ourselves “Wallace” and “Georgina” and spent the day walking, laughing and generally having a great time.

When we sat down to lunch (which G paid for, bless him. He paid last time, too – so I wanted to get the tab but he wouldn’t allow it and I was so touched by his generosity), G passed across a big piece of beef to me “Try this”

…I dont know why, but that simple action of generosity was really sweet.

(and the meat was delicious. Next time, I’m ordering what G ordered)

G taught me how to use chopsticks and was really patient and gentle. I feel so much more confident about using them now and cant wait to show off next time I’m with Jay.

Today, we walked around by the sea in the sun, went to a free Maritime Museum, Tourist Office, past beautiful seaside cafe’s and restaurants and even did some banking! I told G that I wanted to go to Cambodia for a few months and help out in an orphanage. The thing about that is, I need to pay my own way to do that and it would take a lot of money. Instead of laughing at my idea or just saying “oh bless” and moving past it, G was excited. He said “You can do this, Janet” and before I knew it, we were in a bank and I’ve now got a savings account set up. In a year’s time, I think I’ll have enough to go off to Cambodia by myself (!!!) and help orphans. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do.


What I wanted to write about today was that Gary would gently guide me as we walked along. When I walk, I get distracted – especially by the beauty of Mandurah and its “Venice-like” streets. I think I walked about open-mouthed in awe of how lovely everything was. G gently and subtly ‘steered’ me as we walked so that I didn’t run into anything/anyone.

I also noticed that as we walked, G would place me next to him, but always on the inner part of the road or pavement (am I explaining this right? Do you know what I mean?) so that he was on the outer part – the side closest to the traffic.

“Why do you do that?” I asked

“Do what?” G smiled down gently at me

“You always walk on the side closest to the road” I commented

“To protect you, of course” he answered…as if it was nothing at all “That way, if a car comes barrelling along, it will hit me first”


To distract myself from how that really made me feel, I cracked a lame joke: “Bruno Mars has got nothing on you” I grinned up at him “he only catches grenades”

G laughed “Haha yeah…wuss

And lastly, as we were both sat in a Cafe having coffee (G) and hot chocolate (me – although I shouldn’t have – I’m meant to be strictly controlling my calorie intake but it looked so yummy and I figured I’ve been pretty good all week and should have a ‘once a week’ treat…right?)…G got me a spoon so I could eat the chocolate-y froth on the top of my hot chocolate drink.

“mmm” I closed my eyes to savour the first sugary drink I’ve had in a week “so good”

G smiled across at me.

Unsure of the emotions going on inside me, I distracted myself by asking “want some?”

And G reached out, scooped up some cream and popped the spoon into his mouth. He sucked it happily and grinned around the spoon.


*clears throat*

So yeah. Anyway…

When G did that simple action, it actually meant a lot more to me than it probably does for a lot of other people.

You see, as a child, I suffered from racism from a lot of other children in the small Northern Territory town I grew up in. I look back on it now and cant really blame the children – they were just going by what they heard and saw others do, I guess.

One of the things I experienced, was children claiming I had “abo/nigger germs” and that I was “dirty”. Anything I touched – was regarded warily. If I wanted to share my drink or lunch…or even my pencil with someone, they’d extend their sleeve and wipe it before touching it or more often than not, just decline outright with horror.

“Ew. Yuck. No way”

I guess I grew up used to it and even to this day; when I offer someone something of mine, I carefully wipe it on my shirt/dress/jeans before I pass it over. It’s just something that’s become part of me. I don’t even give it much thought anymore.

So to have someone take something that had been in my mouth – and grin and put it into theirs – meant the world to me. I wasn’t dirty or an outcast in someone’s eyes…I was a girl sharing chocolate foam with a beloved friend.

I cant stop thinking about that or how much it truly blessed me.

I had a really, really great day today xx

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