Bad Dates #2

I decided I’d give dating another go and agreed to meet “Gavin” at a popular waterfront bar in East Perth.

We shook hands and I tried not to compare this Gavin to the only Gavin I’d ever encountered before – an abusive man who had robbed me of happiness – and sunlight – for over 3 years.

Calm down, JD. Not all Gavin’s are the same.

“NICE TO MEET YOU” Gavin shouted as he enthusiastically pumped my hand in his.

The bar around us wasn’t loud so there was no need to shout; we weren’t trying to hear each other above a band. I dismissed it, maybe Gavin was just excited?

We sat at the table and the wait staff brought us each a menu.


“I could take or leave it” I answered, smiling.

“WHAT?” Gavin leaned in, hooking a hand behind his ear.

Turns out, this guy worked as a driller and his ear protection wasn’t that great so he was ‘slightly deaf’. I think he was more ‘severely deaf‘ to be honest, but he was a good looking man, about my age (early 30’s) and seemed a nice person, albeit a very loud one.

The bar/restaurant wasn’t crowded and I wasn’t going to be judgemental, so I just joined in with Gavin and we roared our way through dinner.

With my ears ringing after a long hour and a half, I didn’t fancy a 2nd date with this guy.

Onwards and upwards, JD.

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