It’s weird being 43 in 2021 because I was here before the internet. I grew up being warned against getting into cars with strangers and now we PAY to do just that.

I’m watching a show about an Uber driver now and it’s made me appreciate that small space of time where connections can we formed. In the short space of a ride somewhere, you can share a joke, both laugh, both roll your eyes at something corny, both jump or frown when other cars cut yours off…somehow closer because you’re in the same car.

My favourite Uber (in my case DIDI – cheaper than Uber) drives are where a meaningful (albeit short) connection is made. I’ve had DIDI drivers that dispense wisdom, grumble about the economy, teach me important lessons…but the best ones make me laugh.

I got into a DIDI once with a young Indian guy and at first he seemed stand-offish/a bit rude…but then I made a joke about a little cricket bat hanging from his rear view window and we both laughed. A wall went down and we talked and laughed all the way home. It was wonderful.

I figure if we only get a select few moments with a stranger…it’s best to enjoy them as much as possible

#blessed #bekind #uber #didi

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