The time Aliens were meant to show up :)

There I was, sitting on a bus heading around the city.

We have free buses that each do a long loop around the city – they’re called “Cat” buses for some reason and I love catching them because I can cruise around Perth’s prettiest places in air-conditioned comfort.

So good.


I was on the bus daydreaming away, when a guy in ragged (but clean) clothing came and sat next to me. We rode along in silence for a few moments before he leaned in and whispered “Aliens are going to come and get me in 3 bus stops from now”

Are they?

So…I excitedly waited.

2 bus stops went by.

One to go.

Were they going to beam him up like in an 80’s style Sci Fi?

Was he going to turn into sparkly particles like people did in Star Trek?

Were Aliens going to suspend time and space and while we were all ‘frozen’ and not able to move, were they going to walk (glide?) down the center aisle and come and get this guy?

Also…why him?

And how had they arranged this with him?

**in my imagination**

Guy: Yeah I’d love to come visit Mars or something – would be great to meet up with you guys

Aliens: Brilliant. Does tomorrow work at all?

Guy: Argh…I was planning to catch the free Cat bus around the city

Aliens: Oh right! No worries, we’ll pick you up on route! -Does collecting you in 3 bus stops from the main one in the city work for you?

Guy: pleased

Who am I to dictate how Alien abductions go?

One last stop. The one in front of the arty piece that looks like a swirly soft-serve ice cream with a needle through it (Don’t ask – it’s “art”).

I waited, so excited.

I held my breath.

Don’t look at the guy, just chill JD. Act natural.

I’m going to see an Alien!!!

But…nothing happened.

The bus let passengers off and new passengers on.

The guy didn’t move.

I wanted to nudge him “Oi what happened mate?”

But I didn’t want to make it worse for him. How disappointing it would be to NOT be collected by Aliens when they had put a plan in place.

So we said nothing and the bus trundled along. I got off at the stop I wanted and off the guy went, I stayed to watch him as the bus drove past me.

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