Home after the Dentist

One of the WORST moments of my ENTIRE life was when I was leaving a Dentist’s office after having a tooth taken out. My cheek was swollen and my whole jaw felt as if it was being repeatedly bashed by someone with a baseball bat and a bad temper.

Crying, I signed the medical bill, thankful that my parents still had me under their full Private Health even though they hadn’t spoken to me in 6 months.

The receptionist regarded me gently “You poor thing. It hurts a lot, huh?”

I nodded and another tear slipped down my cheek.

“Get yourself home, sweetheart. Go to bed and just try to sleep until you feel better”

I nodded again and as I did, more tears poured because she didn’t know it but I was homeless. The Dentist office was the cleanest place I’d been in days. I hadn’t eaten or showered in days and now I was in an incredible amount of pain and couldn’t afford any pain killers.

“Go home and go to sleep” her gentle phrase ringing in my ears and breaking my heart over and over as I walked the streets that night.

I’m so grateful whenever I get to go home from the Dentist now.

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