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Made my day!!! I love this xx


Soooo… I guess it’s finally time I give this whole blogging thing a whirl. I have wanted to for a long time, but I’ve always thought that I have never had anything important to say, and that no one will read it anyway.

Then along came Janet…

I’ll start at the beginning, I was a mere weary pre-teen when I first met Janet. She was married to the youth leader at the youth club I had just started. I don’t remember the exact moment I met her, but I remember the feeling. I remember seeing her laughing and smiling with Marc and Tom and something about her presence made me feel so safe.

Like all teenagers I was dealing with the whole, self hatred image, complicated family life, raging harmones and boy trouble drama, yet the one consistent in my life was always Janet. I knew from the get go…

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